what is a panic attack?And what are the symptoms

Panic Attacks - what is a panic attack?And what are the symptoms

Panic attacks brief anxiety attack. In more detail what is a panic attack? What are the symptoms? You can find our news.

What Is A Panic Attack?

A panic attack begins suddenly anxiety. The intense anxiety that accompanies the attack, it will cause physical symptoms to emerge. People live in a way that is more than one emotion occurring at a time of panic.
panik atak nedir - what is a panic attack?And what are the symptoms
People who have panic attacks, afraid to leave the house, live in fear of future attack at any moment, he is unable to ride the bus, afraid of being alone.

Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

– Increase in Pulse

– Heart palpitations

– Breathing difficulty

– Chest pain

– Jam at the chest

– Tremors

– The sensation of drowning

– Feeling unreal

– Sweating

– Nausea

– Dizziness

– Blackout

– Fainting

– Sweat flushes

– Fear of death

– The fear.

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The Causes Of Panic Attacks

– Some people rise in the level of adrenaline and the heart starts to beat too fast. Then, the person sweating, breathing difficulty is experienced. This is one of the causes of panic attacks.

– Heart valves that may be on problems, the causes of panic attacks.

– Of the thyroid gland are among the causes of panic attacks in very trying times.

– Low blood sugar panic attacks triggers.

– Coffee consumption is in overshoot, that is one of the reasons panic attacks.
panik atak nedenleri - what is a panic attack?And what are the symptoms

Needs To Be Done In A Moment Of Panic

When a panic attack comes on, you can apply the following techniques;

– The most important thing in a crisis is to take a deep breath. When the crisis came, Take deep breaths.

– Concerns to increase gradually, you should find something to keep your brain busy. For example, you like to count up to 100.

– Concerns until you pass, keep your brain busy.

– Instead of all the bad thoughts in your brain, more positive, try to think of positive things.

– Anxious that you are aware and accept this situation and try to get rid of your concerns.

– Your concerns, your feelings are your indication that you are aware of everything you write down.
panik atak aninda yapilmasi gerekenler - what is a panic attack?And what are the symptoms

Panic Attack Treatment

Is used to treat panic attacks and drug therapy. The first thing that need to be resolved in the treatment of panic attacks panic attacks What are the symptoms of. To save the person from the symptoms of panic attacks.
panik atak tedavisi - what is a panic attack?And what are the symptoms
You go regularly, very positive results are obtained with therapy and medication. In addition to all these, people will make changes in their daily life is able to achieve highly positive results of treatment.

The changes that can make the patient for the treatment of panic attacks in your life;

– Care should be taken not to get consumed the caffeinated drinks and coffee. A further increase in alcohol and Coffee your concerns is causing a panic attack fires.

– Try to keep stress as far away as possible from your life. Stress also one of the reasons that trigger a panic attack.

– Exercise regularly, and to keep your mind busy in a positive way, both will help you to be physically healthy.

– You should get your sleep in order. Regular sleep yourself always makes you feel better.Irregular sleep increases the risk of a panic attack while you are stressful to.

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