What is amblyopia and what are the symptoms?

What Is Amblyopia - What is amblyopia and what are the symptoms?

What is amblyopia? Is there a treatment?

What Is Amblyopia?

Children when they are born in a certain month to a certain extent, are experiencing a degree of vision. You use your eyes, the vision of the potential increase. Developing a system vision for the first 9 months from birth. The medical name for lazy eye “Amblyopia” is called.Childhood amblyopia occurring in normal view, in the event that does not is called a lack of vision. This situation usually in one eye is seen.

In case of a disorder arising due to the perception of the eye is amblyopia. In this case, they are in the structure of the eye and providing. Of the eye but the eye is not a disease of exactly the brain does not detect the alerts. Visually, a condition that is learned from birth. As long as the brain develops the detail of the eye and the optic allows you to see the situation develops. With a degree of vision in one eye the other eye degree of vision is different.Warning both eyes to the brain are different from each other. Lazy eye disease is a disease that is often experienced.


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Usually 3 people out of every 100 people.After the birth of every baby should have an eye examination. At the same time, children 4 years old should have an eye exam before without any problem. In this case the family should observe the children.For this reason, parents are required to be more sensitive about their eye and vision in children. Amblyopia can be detected at Early Children’s age. By being sensitive to their mothers and fathers should ensure that their children are provided for an eye exam.


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What Are The Symptoms Of Amblyopia?

Easily understood when viewed from the outside of the eye is not a disease. For this reason, this situation can be easily understood by people with a lazy eye. For the understanding of amblyopia must be tested. For this reason, most an eye exam until the age of 4 needs to be done.


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In later years, the detection of amblyopia becomes more difficult. People with lazy eye often notice this coincidence. If amblyopia is a sign for the eyes of the people in glide. For this reason, in the eyes of people who slip should be taken into account.


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Close one eye and looking with the other eye, usually in children, in the case of a lazy eye the child he tells. In the eyes of adult persons for his troubles of going to a doctor in case it is understood by the doctor lazy eye.


The Causes Of Amblyopia?

Amblyopia generally occur due to hereditary disorders. It is usually seen in people with amblyopia amblyopia in the family. 3 amblyopia is due to the situation being experienced.These refractive errors, strabismus and other eye diseases occur due to.

Refractive Errors

Highly experienced compared to the other eye sees a blurry image of the eye refractive errors and visual do not complete development. This condition has led to laziness in the eyes.

Apparently the case where a defect appears. For this reason, the most difficult type of amblyopia detected. Therefore, parents and children by showing sensitivity by being vigilant prior to 4 years of age are required to undergo an eye examination, although it is not a problem.


Strabismus is an eye disease. The eyes are experienced with the slip. Leads to double vision the person in the eye spatial.

It is a disease caused by different eye diseases as eye strabismus. That causes a disorder known as amblyopia.

Other Eye Diseases

Different eye disorders can cause amblyopia. Conscious of the family so it needs to be. As most of the diseases that cause the cataract from the beginning of lazy eye are noted.

Cataracts is a condition of the eye. Due to the early development of cataract amblyopia experienced. Therefore, the test may not necessarily require new born babies. This test is carried out by a doctor.


Treatment Of Amblyopia

There are two important points in the treatment of amblyopia. One of them early and treated according to the cause of the other. Babies from the age of 1 must therefore be constructed of an eye exam. The children who received the first of amblyopia in the age of 4 a doctor before the cause is under investigation.

Treat Glasses

Of glasses if you need glasses for the treatment is applied. Glasses done to treat the child given the appropriate number.


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Therapy Shutdown

Working hard for the lazy eye to work eye closure, which is applied in the treatment of.Shutdown the shutdown of the application which is important in the treatment must be undertaken in the correct manner. The shutdown of exercises in the treatment of is made. In this case, the duration of the shutdown is important. By considering the degree of amblyopia may be treated.


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Treatment Penalizasyon

Drip drip drip Penalizasyon treatment treatment.


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Glass Treatment

Glass treatment is a method that is implemented in the hospital. Over a period of 10 sessions treatment is applied.


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