What is aphasia and how is it treated?

WHAT IS APHASIA - What is aphasia and how is it treated?

Which is defined as a language disorder aphasia, the language center of the brain the damage occurred as a result of a disorder in speech and writing.


The language center in the left hemisphere of the brain that directly affect brain injuries or diseases that occur is degenerate as a result of a language disorder called aphasia.Writing, reading and comprehension skills that affect certain brain diseases, causes loss of previously acquired language skills. The damage occurred in the language center as a result of a person’s writing, reading, speaking, speech comprehension, naming and repetition skills such as can result in damage.

However, stroke or trauma, as well as brain tumors and infections may occur as a result of aphasia. Slowly growing brain tumors and various diseases that affect brain cells, plays an influential role in the formation of structurally aphasia.

afazi - What is aphasia and how is it treated?

Everyone has different degrees and intensities can be seen in aphasia. Therefore, treatment of disease and the healing process varies from person to person. Accordingly, implementation of the standard in the treatment of aphasia rehabilitation is unlikely. Therapythe severity of the damage, extent, and the patient’s age, gender and education levelwill vary depending on many factors such as.


The size of the damage is proportional with the degree of aphasia. Aphasia, fluent and there are two types of detention. Fluent aphasia; lack of understanding relies on, while patients with aphasia is difficulty in expressing themselves based on stiff.



Wernicke’s aphasia : fluent but meaningless Speech. In this type of aphasia difficulty understanding the language of the person. Mistakes in word choice and grammar may be inevitable. The corruption that occurred in the speech, there may be difficulty in understanding written language and writing as well as the deterioration in.

Conduction Aphasia : aphasia is the difficulty in this type of repetitions. Speech is fluent but depending on the location and severity of the damage stiffness may occur.

Transkortikal Aphasia : aphasia with Wernicke’s aphasia shows a similarity in the ability of repetition in transkortikal problems observed.



Broca’s aphasia : difficulty in expressing the language of the patient is defined as. Speaking of the type of Broca’s aphasia is difficult and the rhythm is lost. The patient can use it only some of the words in a meaningful sentence. Also writing in some cases of Broca’s aphasia may be distorted.

Transkortikal Motor Aphasia : although there isn’t any problem to reading and repeat herself, due to the similarity of Broca’s aphasia is also known as. Person cannot produce spontaneous speech, and words cannot describe what you mean can’t.

Global Aphasia : the most common type of aphasia is known as. In this type of aphasia, the patient and understand spoken language they can’t speak.

konusma bozuklugu - What is aphasia and how is it treated?


  • Speaking in short and incomplete sentences
  • Using obscure words
  • Forming meaningless sentences
  • Difficulty in understanding spoken language
  • Difficulty in writing
  • Write the words wrong
  • Write when you’re writing meaningless words
  • Difficulty in remembering words
  • Difficulty in reading

afazi belirtileri - What is aphasia and how is it treated?


Aphasia is the result of damage that occurred in the language center of the brain. This damage usually consists of, depending on stroke and trauma. Bloodless remain a part of the brain that occur as a result of stroke, one of the main causes of aphasia. The brain cells in the affected area are left without oxygen and blood, if death takes place. Stroke and trauma, as well as severe blows to the head, brain tumors, brain infections, and other disorders that affect the brain aphasia is among the reasons.

afazi sonucu olusan sorunlar - What is aphasia and how is it treated?


  • Speech disorder
  • Be fluent but meaningless speech
  • Decline in vocabulary
  • Speech Gramersiz
  • Difficulty remembering the words
  • Difficulty in writing
  • People have difficulty in understanding them
  • Unnecessary repetition of the word in the same sentence
  • Similar mixing of meaningful words
  • Write the words wrong
  • Sentence using the word search

afazi nedenleri - What is aphasia and how is it treated?


It is not possible to talk about a standard treatment in the treatment of aphasia. The severity of aphasia, extent, depending on a person’s educational level and gender is applied in different rehabilitation methods. Aphasia depending on the severity, partial or complete recovery can be achieved. Nowadays, thanks to advancing medicine, significant progress has been achieved against the problem of aphasia.

afazi tedavisi - What is aphasia and how is it treated?

From occurring as a result of a stroke or head trauma to be treated in the hospital, the patient is quite important. In this process, applied speech and language therapy has an important place in the treatment of aphasia. Especially in the first 6-12 months in therapies applied in a more rapid development is provided.

Different treatments are applied according to the affected region in the treatment of aphasia.Therefore, a patient in speaking, writing and reading skills such as, from which one should determine where the problem is and accordingly therapy should be applied.



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