What Is Arsenic? What Are The Disadvantages?

4918 4952 300x184 - What Is Arsenic? What Are The Disadvantages?

4918 10 mikrogramdan fazla cikan arsenik orani korkutuyor. 300x169 - What Is Arsenic? What Are The Disadvantages?What is arsenic? What Are The Disadvantages?

Located in group VA in the periodic table, a semi-metallic element. Arsenic in the entire universe that is deducted. A large part of the arsenic is found in copper and lead metals in the world. So much of a substance that is found in our world has a great influence on the people. Arsenic resides in the food we eat and drinks and substances even correct to say that a decision.

Dr. Mehmet oz from a program that was released in the U.S., Apple has stated that arsenic in the waters ready to ratio is very high. Dr. Mehmet oz has succeeded in drawing attention to this interesting statement. Arsenic has a considerable effect on cancer as the cause of many cancers and substances is shown. Unconscious production of agricultural products, control of insects named of lethal drugs has been prohibited pesticide which is not performed, although arsenic is used in the article. Despite the existence of arsenic in substance, concentrated fruit juices, are imported from China and other Far Eastern countries.For health, the harmful inorganic arsenic of total arsenic of a large portion of the measured part as a result of his studies has shown that Dr oz.

4918 4952 300x184 - What Is Arsenic? What Are The Disadvantages?The EPA arsenic drinking waters and waters of the apples in the amount of 10 ppb arsenic above the upper limit of the amount of the official have found. As a result of a statement from the FDA, organic arsenic and does not pose a threat to health, but harmful inorganic arsenic organic arsenic could be converted to the item, he stated that the chickens.Organic chicken and arsenic have taken account of the U.S. research was the first country to ban the sale. Inorganic arsenic cancer, has led to many diseases.It’s not just chickens, organic arsenic, inorganic arsenic focuses on the possibility to turn into other animals. In our country, for the reduction of arsenic in drinking water, for wastewater treatment plants are aimed to be established.

The amount of arsenic in the nature of dissolution in an orderly manner, despite a scary situation to be used unconsciously.

*Textile dyes
*Syphilis until the discovery of penicillin, arsenic was used in the treatment of diseases.

4918 arsenik zehirlenmesi1 300x208 - What Is Arsenic? What Are The Disadvantages?But China banned pesticides that contain arsenic paints right now is illegal in many places of the Far East countries. At that time insecticides harmful substances that are contained within in the years 1800-1900, psoriasis, asthma, and has been used for leukemia in the 1970s. Bilinclesen agriculture farmers, the use of arsenic in 1995 to 4% declined. The average person gets 40 micrograms of arsenic compounds into the body. Substance although arsenic can be found in many products, especially food products is important as we are faced with.Often these food products, if examined, seafood, poultry, and mushrooms, it is understood that progress has been made. When chicken is consumed daily, 21-30 micrograms of arsenic are taken.

Poor quality control and non-makeup and paint materials should be avoided as much as possible. Most of the toys produced in China are known to be present. That should be more than the amount received arsenic in the body; abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, and a burning sensation in throat occurs in diseases such as. Arsenic taken in high amounts, heart failure, circulatory disturbances, and eventually leads to death.Chronic poisoning, skin cancer formation, deterioration of the function of the nervous system, progressive weakness and fatigue, impairment of consciousness, defecation and urination problems, nail lines, and even then may result in death. So the above-mentioned materials that cause disease should be avoided.

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