What is astigmatism and how does it occur?

astigmatism - What is astigmatism and how does it occur?


The meaning of the word in the Greek language “noktasizlik” the astigmatism, the Rays from the eye at a single point kesiseme. In a healthy eye, the cornea is shaped like egg while in the form astigmatli top of the eye’s cornea. For this reason, rays from the eye breaks at different points, and a blurred image is obtained.

The structure of the cornea is disrupted, although not in the correct format and the light, the eye, blurry vision called astigmatism, in other words, at different points in different meridians of the eye break light with two focal points of the formation. So, with different numbers of two different angles provides a clear vision of the eye. Astigmatism lack the same horizontal and vertical axes of the image. Example astigmatli horizontal edges vertical edges of the window to see more clearly a person sees while more blurred.

The nearsighted myopic astigmatism in a single eye, both the ability to another feature of the lodge. Both near and far vision problems astigmatism people who have this type of experience. However, astigmatism myopia or hyperopia alone can be found. In order to provide a clear view of the eye muscles, push yourself is one of the biggest causes of headache. Astigmatism eye triggers and headaches largely.



Regular (Regular) Astigmatism : astigmatism is the most common type. Due to the structure caused by the cornea or lens. With the use of glasses or contact lenses a clear view is provided.

Irregular irregular astigmatism : the cornea as a result of an injury occurring due to astigmatism or a distortion in the structure of the crystalline lens. Irregular astigmatism of the eye two focal points of 90 degrees on an incline. The eye this type astigmatism treatment is inadequate. Therefore, it is recommended to use the lens on behalf of ensuring a clear view.In the treatment of irregular astigmatism soft and hard contact lenses are used. By creating a layer of Tears between the lens and your eye compensates for irregularities on the cornea.Rarely, astigmatism is a type of an.

astigmat turleri  - What is astigmatism and how does it occur?

Values with different opinions on different axes of astigmatism that is mentioned. So, an axis of the eye, hyperopia (+ digit) require a number, while the other axis of the eye myopic (- digit) number is required. If you need to examine this aspect one can talk of many types of astigmatism astigmatism. Other types of astigmatism;

Astigmatismus myoptimus compositus : both the direction of refraction is short-sighted.

Astigmatismus myoptimus Simplex : A myopic refraction refraction in the direction of appear in the direction while the other unnumbered.

Astigmatismus mixtos : a breaking point is myopic while the other is farsighted.

Astigmatismus symmetricus mixtus : hyperopia myopia and myopic astigmatism with the two focal points of this type of nearsighted the degrees of and are equal to each other.

Astigmatismus simplex hypertonicus : hyperopia is a refraction refraction value, while the direction of the other unnumbered appear.

Astigmatismus hypertonicus compositus : refraction hyperopia with astigmatism is a type of the direction of both also.


astigmat sorunu - What is astigmatism and how does it occur?



Bombe light in all directions in an equal amount an equal amount from the cornea breaks and a clear view in all directions is provided. However, an irregular curvature of the cornea at different points of the incoming light that has broken Bombe achieves blurred vision. In short, the structure of the cornea prevents clear vision of the disorder that occurred in the retrieval.

The deterioration of the structure of the cornea with full, round-shaped cornea to each other and takes the form of an ellipse in the vertical and horizontal directions, different light breakage causes. In the structure of the cornea can cause it to break sooner bombelesme different light on one side, while on the other side will cause it to break later.

The presence of two different in one eye and visually the focal point deviation of the eye to get wavy image like looking in a mirror. Fluctuations and distortions that occur in vision therefore astigmatism is called.


Go careful when you are looking at a place usually, the parts that get blurry vision after watching TV or after spending time on the computer, headaches, very closely reading the article, the eyeball pain and reddening of the eyes , such as situations can be observed.In cases where symptoms were observed in any of these symptoms, it may be astigmatism.

Vision problems, as well as the pain in the head and eyes, astigmatism of the primary indications. For this reason, people with vision problems and eye head a moment before complaining of pain, consult an expert and thorough examination are advised to go through.

Astigmatism some experts, there is little innate in everyone, but spend time watching TV on the computer for a long time and for a long time for the eyes of the progress of a strenuous activity that causes asserts. Vision problems that largely affect the success rate of students especially causes and constantly to distract attention from corruption has an adverse effect on the success.


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