What Is Bee Pollen?

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 What Are The Benefits?

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Pollen supplements are one of the oldest known in history. In the Ottoman Empire, is known to be honey and pollen used as a food supplement.

Pollen, the cells of the male organ of flowers in every area of our lives. Bees on a flower when he rested chichewa pollen powder, bee they latch onto the dust particles with the help of their venom bees on them that sticks to their feet and pin them one by pasting it into the hive to carry it. Call as it went from flower to another flower was first diagnosed, it sticks on that pollen, dust, contact with the female organ of the flower among the flowers in the other, it means that mating has occurred.

Bee research in the morning, what kind of flower if it lands, continue to be just that kind of flower till evening shows. Scientists in research because of a lack of pollen transport in the absence of bees, the whole world will be destroyed within a few years of life.Bees came to the hive with the pollen that they receive from nature when they are placed into the entrance of the hive the beekeeper and the bees to pass through and large enough for a pollen trap, the pollen which has stuck to their feet while trying to cross from the entrance of the hive and pollen fall into the trap mounted at the bottom of the tray. Beekeepers usually, they take themselves pollen a day, the next day the bees leave.

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22 different kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body is full of pollen, 27, some sort of mineral salt, natural hormones, enzymes, pigments, carbohydrates and fermented. Also some of the elements in pollen also contains iron, copper, calcium, sodium, magnesium, silicon,. Aluminum, nickel, titanium and zinc are trace elements in pollen grains also. Pollen in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B12, C, D, E, H and P vitamins.

Pollen benefits to the human body;
* simplifies and accelerates development thanks to vitamin H, eyelid skin and prevents inflammation
* routine, to avoid excess bleeding.
Strengthens the functioning of the heart muscle.
Heals intestinal inflammation3764 polen 3 300x197 - What Is Bee Pollen?
* appetizers.
Eliminates constipation and obstruction.
Diarrhea fixes.
Intestine germs layouts.
Eliminate the nervousness in people.
In humans, the syrup has the effect of the force.
* The ability of thinking increases.
The number of red blood cells in the 25-30% rate increases.
Hemoglobin in a 15% increase.
* Eyesight improves.
Cystin acid contribute to promote hair growth.
Benefits for prostate disease.
It is used as a beauty cream.
Intelligence runs.
Discomfort of hemorrhoids fixes.3764 polen 6 300x181 - What Is Bee Pollen?
Regulate high blood pressure.
Cold fixes.
Speeds up the execution of the heart muscle.
Serves as supportive in the treatment of cancer.
Increases the body’s resistance against allergies.
They use their athletes to increase their strength and energy.
Is known to have many more benefits than one of the above, and thanks to advancing technology, many more benefits will be discovered.

Now allow us to give you information about how pollen should be used. Under normal conditions, it takes 2 hours to digest pollen. When you first started using it, using 1 tsp should be initiated. Bee pollen to the flower that receives the pollen, there may be a difference in taste and color. Pollen is overcome by increasing a little bit more every week, pollen can be more harmful but like everything else; it should not be eaten more than 30 to 35 grams per day.In a simple way can be eaten warm as milk, fruit juice or mixed with honey mixed in edible ta.

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