What Is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine - What Is Chinese Medicine?

One of the first countries with the culture of Chinese medicine. Compared with the Western method and Chinese medicine, has adopted a very different approach. With 5,000 years of history, medical science, theory, diagnosis, prescriptions and treatments has created a deep and large knowledge base.
The basic principle is quite obvious:
Relative properties-yin and Yang: Chinese medicine, physiology of the human body agrees that life is a result of the balance of yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are the negative and internal principles, external and positive. Of the disease the main 14853 6 300x267 - What Is Chinese Medicine?the reason the harmony of these two aspects is lost. When looking at the recovery mechanism of organs yang, performs the function of protection from external damage and to provide for the return to the store of yin energy and the inner sole.
Fundamental ingredient: Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM for short), of vital energy – moving and energetic particles, blood and body fluids of the human body and its internal organs is essential for the processing of basic ingredients combines to create that believes that. They are channeled through a network throughout the body. On the physical side, vital energy and warming Yang for promotion to the characteristics of blood and body fluids and the yin has the properties of wet belongs to.
Four Diagnostic Methods: Observation indicates that doctors directly to a patient’s condition in order to know the external appearance follows. Immediately the outer and inner part correspond to the internal organs wrong when it tries pallor of the skin, language, the facial sensory organs and some is reflected from droppings.
Auscultation and olfaction, hearing and smell to sniff out the voice of the doctor is a way to get a message. Another reference to this diagnosis.
Inquiry, doctors, patients and their relatives, the symptoms of the disease, previous treatments suggests that the evolution and are questioning to know.
Pulse and palpation to be taken in the radial artery of the patient’s doctors 14853 7 - What Is Chinese Medicine?specifies the status of pulse, and then know what the symptoms of the interior of the exchange specifies. When the organic function is normal, doctors, and variable pulse frequency and pulse believe that they are relatively stable.
When treating a disease, these four TCM diagnostic methods the patient’s condition with doctors often one finds: observation, auscultation and olfaction, interrogation, pulse and palpation. According to the facts collected by combining internal relations, doctors they’re going to use dialectics to analyze the source and virtue of the disease. What then must be given a prescription note. In traditional Chinese medicine, drugs differs from the West because thousands of doctors discovered the medicinal effects of the plant for a long time. Patient must boil before you start taking medicine. Later, associated with acupuncture and massage 14853 1 300x200 - What Is Chinese Medicine?preparation methods there are, the treatment will be effective magically.
This complicated medical science, the canyon of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine, Shen Nong Materia Medica of herbs which works the deep canyon and the aspirations of all, thanks to recordings such as comprehensive and collapsed. Three Kingdoms period (220-280) in ancient China Hua Tuo giving praise to the doctors as there are stories experienced in a wide and striking. Today, although it is accepted in western medicine, traditional treatments are still playing an important role, and reported amazing healing effects throughout the world because of great interest and attracts attention.

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