What Is Chronic Pain? How Is It Treated?

painfacts - What Is Chronic Pain? How Is It Treated?

Every pain is not chronic pain. However, the pain can turn into chronic pain. How pain becomes chronic pain? For this, How is it treated? Here you need to know about chronic pain…

Such as pain occur in the body. Pain research it has been observed that split. This is divided into acute pain and chronic pain. Today we will closely examine chronic pain.Giving a little information about the formation of primarily chronic pain after acute pain, understood how to, and we will look in detail methods of treatment.

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Acute pain is the harbinger of diseases which may occur in the human body. As a precursor of tissue damage especially in the body’s alarm system. Spontaneous disease outside of the brain’s control of chronic pain. The type of pain sometimes the pain from this nerve can send pain signals to the brain cells without the regions.


What Causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain, with the emergence of some deterioration in the study of nerve cells occurs.The subject to open it up a little more, sending constant pain signals to the brain of nerve cells that occurs with changes in metabolism. As a result of this warning your brain after a while no longer does not react to stimulation. Unable to react, the cell spontaneously generates a signaling Center. This pain, tingling, or in the form of a pulse occurring, flammable, pain may be sharp or vice versa. For this reason, it is annoying and severely tired your body gives rise to degradation in the patient.

You can hear the pain in their body to everyone. It would be wrong to think so every chronic pain as pain. A person of the body change shape in a way that is independent of ongoing pain after a while if it moves, it can be described as chronic pain. Also if this pain is spread over a long time 3 to 6 months, then chronic pain occurs. This occurs that some of the most common of chronic pain include:

  • Low back pain
  • Headache
  • Arthritic pain
  • Neuralgia
  • Ur pain
  • The pains of deformation
  • Phantom Pain


What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Pain?

It is very important to determine whether pain in chronic pain. Sometimes it may take longer than normal examinations to be held. This originates from a type of chronic pain. These tests are as follows:

  • For the diagnosis of pain
  • Physical examination
  • Neurological examination
  • Orthopedic research
  • Brain CT and ECG
  • Diagnosis of acidosis


What Is The Treatment Of Chronic Pain?

The treatment of chronic pain long-term treatments. This disease is treated with due consideration to their effect on the human body both physically and psychologically. Of the types identified before treatment is started to get to the source of chronic pain, these methods are referred to:

  • Your medical history is reviewed.
  • Based on your medical history, medical tests can be performed.
  • A physical examination is performed.

Thanks to these tests, the source of the pain identified and should not be used. The treatment to be applied in the following manner:

  • The first is to pass the pain medication. These drugs are used to improve the patient’s pain until we cut the person’s mood.
  • Relaxation therapy is applied.
  • Massage therapy apply.

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