what is Color? How Does It Occur?

Color Energy sun spectrum - what is Color? How Does It Occur?

renk tekerlegi - what is Color? How Does It Occur?

The Son of man himself knows, since a color affair, unfortunately, looked at as a tool or a Object, what a beautiful red sweater or a yellow suit-calling has passed. Progressive vision, feeling of the owners (the Impressionists) works by sensing the color difference. The departure of all-style light before. Color and light, low radiant energy or electromagnetic field is considered as a Spectrum. The appearance of the spectrum of white light from the interference of all the wave is proportional to the heart.

A light effect that is captured by the eye color. The impact on light goods, reflected in our eyes from the rays of sensations that occur for each “color” is called. Color: light is understood with the eye and brain. For this reason, the meaning of the three color system must be addressed.

a – color system Psychological: the brain is a state of awakening. I like the blue sensation.
b – Physiological system Color: various light types, through the nerves in the retina of the eye, caused is a physiological event. The appearance of light incident on the physiological. Color tools Color is an emotion. The nervous systems of living beings is available.
c – in the physical system color: (light spectrum) with a wide range of sizes and numbers that is specified as an event. A rate which maintains the light in which the wave length is essential. Color consists of light waves type vibration in terms of Physics. This light – color waves are different lengths. Short of red, purple is the longest.

The History Of Color
Every value that makes a man a man like a sheet of flat glass. So, the light that makes a man a man passes in each one. So many different colors glittered in the bright sun and the colorful plates they give you. Nevertheless, he is the light that makes human beings human.

The psychological and physiological effects of colors colors and personality development branches in the branch engaged in research in Living Colour (vivid colors) establishing the organization, (1984) sun and Howard, Theophilus gimbel studies with elidor has intensified. In 1983, he received the title of the color therapist. The people in the spiritual and Humanistic psychology have gained a full experience. People’s personal, physical and spiritual worlds, about the long and exhausting research. Group therapy conveyed to the people the accuracy of the system.Color analysis expertise of his wife, Howard Sun, Dorothy Sun is based on harmony with England’s first official therapy Center opened in 1984 with his wife. In this study, the UK attracted great attention. They began their exploration of the inner world and personality with colors people.

How Was Born The Science Of Color?
British physicist Sir Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727) the light of the sun when passing through a diamond prism in 1670, has managed to separate the colors. After you go a room, sunlight through a thin hole led her into the room, by placing a prism in front of this light if it’s falling, just like the rainbow, seven-color aksettirmey has provided a curtain from top to bottom.The light of the sun, which make up the seven color of the spectrum, the glory, the mystery received many reviews on studies and research conducted today brought extremely positive results, as a branch of Science color science book has revealed.

After newton, Stella, Helmholtz, young, like physicists and chemists have geared up by concentrating its efforts on this project. Solaris is a sequence of colors on the white screen Newton Spectrum (solar spectrum) gave the name. Of the spectrum changing from time to time, according to the degree of heat of the sun, having colored the following colors in the color spectrum, we see colors from white light and all born:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Yesil, Blue, Navy Blue, Indigo Blue, Violet, Purple

Yellow, red and blue are the colors colors, or colors that cannot be formed are called.
Yesil, orange and purple colors by mixing two primary colors occur.

For example:
Yellow + red = orange
Blue + yellow = Yesil
Blue + red = purple

Thus, this color strip at stake Spectre – called solaire. Browse used can be realized with all life and existence that give color to the world of color, the colors and this formation sensitivity; color effect (sensation) is called.

Without seeing the color, it is possible to feel with sensitivity. You can try the app that I will talk as an example. Prepare yourself a red and a Blue Card. By closing your eyes and know the color of the card which is place it on your lap. Again, take your hands off your eyes zoom in on a card for a while as concentrated and stay that way. After a certain time you will feel a warm breeze with a cool breeze from the red card blue. Red hot and blue is cold color group is a color, and it reflects this energy.

Again, from a scientific point of finding a similar experience with any color complement, so complement is possible. A carton of half-circle shaped green paint. Leave the other half white. This apartment quickly spin around and after a while you will begin to see as the white part pink. Because the complementary of green is pink. Even if we do the same experiment as the white part painted pink after a while, the white color of the cardboard would take. The following is the conclusion from all this that the Science of color design and color is an exact science.

The Color Perception Of The Eye
Eyes and Vision:
The most advanced organ in humans is the eye. The part of the eye is the retina, which in some scientific circles, it is treated as an extension of the brain. At the same time, an optical organ. The complex process of stimulation in the brain that is passed from the Visual range by stating the vision is achieved. Vision of the stages listed as follows:
a – light and objects
b – vision and eye
c – the physiological structure of the eye
d – completed visual stimulation in the brain

a – different colour light sources. Need to see more or less light. We need more light power so we can be good. Vision enables the eye, which allows the detection of stimulation light through a specific process. The basic statement we can use to rate the system on the light for the eye.

b – eye and vision: visual perception the complex process of light stimulation to evaluate. In the eye the light-sensitive receiver is essential to the existence of a layer. The pupil grew smaller and the intake of light sets. Collecting light adaptation excitations by editing all nerve fibers, called the optic nerve, the forwarder sends it to the brain. All the data are evaluated through a normal process of in the brain. The visual perception of work as a result.

c – the physiological structure of the eye: the human eye is one of the most advanced organs we said. Sphere-shaped structure when you consider a private placement within the architecture of the skull have occurred. In tight connection with the eye muscles. Eyelids, provide protection as well as many functions.

Eye working the way extremely complicated, nested, consists of three layers.The whites of the eyes (cornea), the color layer (koroit) and the Same layer (Retina)

Most whites of the eyes, stiff, and is completely transparent in the front part of the eye is located. Bulging in the front of the eyeball for this layer occurs. In this section the connection to the outside of the eye occur. The part where the light lens is broke. Located close to blood vessels in the colored layer. Iris are covered in this section. The task of the pupil the Iris is to allow you to grow and shrink. So according to the adequacy to adjust the amount of light. Through the lens of the eye the retina the inner layer wraps the strands like a Web. So, a tenant in the inner section the inner layer of the eye.Called cells cone and rod due to the way the light-sensitive receptors are equipped with. Sensitive to colors cone cells detect color, while shall serve for you to see. The apparent light system of this limit, it is important to do the task. There is the possibility of making light when it is not the task of this limit.

Red, blue there are three types of cone cells, revealing and Yesil. Activates the rod cells in low light situations. Night vision we provide services in these cells. However, these rod cells at night with the moonlight while we can see colors we can’t see. The light activates cells and is increased when we begin to detect the colors of the conical. The failure to detect the absence of conical cells in some animals and colors is an example of this.

d – completed visual stimulation in the brain: the brain image is evaluated. The images in the memory are compared with. Interpreted. Also corrected are detected from the brain to reverse the image. Ultimately, the vision is achieved.

By passing a beam of light from the light source through a prism into the colors separated by newton found many years ago in the experiments. When light passes through a prism Newton’s color experiment was divided into colour(Color Test). Of nanometers and the emitted light from the light source in Kelvin value. The light is reflected from each object in the value nanometric different. When we give a name to the value of this reflection is measured in nanometers of primary colors consists of the colors and Dec. It is not in white and black color.White is a mixture of the three primary colors in certain proportions ( % Yesil 59, 33% Blue, % Red 19 ) emerging nanometric to the value given. The situation is not as black color.

Color of light: in physics, The color for the first time the event was studied by newton. Later, the British William Herschel measured the temperatures of the colors that emits light from the last prism. A minimum of purple light at one end of the spectrum, the red light on the other end, the largest it has been in temperature. By later experiments, a lower value than that of violet light is ultraviolet light at a temperature that is in it was discovered. When white light is passed through a prism, the colour of the light from the prism creates. The colours red, orange, yellow, Yesil, blue and purple.A sensitive eye can see a lot more than that really or devices.

Wave height determines the intensity of the color. the intensity of color brightness. When touching up the car, leads to a specific amount or a energy or a energy brings. Caught or released during the heat of the amount of energy each Atom will be different. The energy of a photon of Light Wave length and color is connected to each Atom emits or absorbs only certain colors. Of a certain color out of an atom absorbs the same color. Every Atom absorbs and it makes the colors are different. From the study of color with the Science of spectroscopy, the types of atoms can be determined. The wave length of light which is linked to the colors red is the longest wavelength corresponds to the shortest wavelength blue and violet. This sort of energy at the same time, the ranking shows.

Blue light is the most energetic, most of the light is absorbed and some reflected red light. Gives the color of all colors of equal distance. Every object in nature, how some of us absorb color wavelengths that is seen as the surface of the object and some of them has the capability of spreading. Our all wavelengths in the visible spectrum except for red eyes red sogurmak the display object. The Red object is seen as the absence of wave attenuation of red tape to us. Any object that does not reflect in the object is seen as black.

In these experiments, white and black in color. In places where there is light cannot be the meaning of the colors. The human eye in the visible light region, although it is possible to see seven different colors, some animals, for example, an owl, beyond the red light infrared light, ultraviolet light can see A dec. They can’t see any other color except black and white cats and dogs.
When light hits the atoms and molecules, the blue light more than red dissipates quickly. The white light of the sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere, the blue light beam is divided into the atmosphere and is seen as blue. Why a new born baby’s eyes appear blue. yet in the first few months of your baby’s body to give the eye color pigments create before, so the forming material is colorless, while the blue Iris the iris of the eye reflects light.
Light colors ( white light ) color temperature of light of all colors that make up there are three main groups.
Warm white 3300 H, K, and six
Natural white 3300-5000 K D
5000 K and above daylight white h
Despite the same light color, the lamps, the spectral composition of the light due to the many different color properties that yield back.
White □ of □ ” black; body without creating a disparity between the components of the incoming light onto all of them migrate at the same rate, swallowing mirroring feature or if it shows the character of the light does not change. The light reactions of these objects is considered to be neutral.
The same rate without disturbing the balance between the components of these objects reflecting light, or by changing the intensity of light affect the intensity and total swallow you whole.

Reactions to neutral objects have equal energy when they are illuminated by the light, the rate of your own reflection or revision, depending on the intensity of the light varies, and will appear as indicated below, or light they reflect.

… Very bright or clear( white )
Medium brightness …. ( gray )
Very dark and darker( dark grey )
Full dark …………..( black )
The exact wavelengths of light reflecting on the falling object, white, swallowing, does not reflect all wavelengths, and the body is black. So white and black is not a color.

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