What Is Computer Addiction? What Are The Symptoms?

child and computer - What Is Computer Addiction? What Are The Symptoms?
What Is Computer Addiction? What Are The Symptoms?

Computer addiction (Internet addiction) DSM IV axis 1 on the scale, from a dependency syndrome in the form of impulse-control disorders are evaluated. Internet addiction diagnostic questionnaire (IADQ) according to the presence of 5 of the following symptoms, “according to internet-a computer addict” is diagnosed.

What should parents do and tips About computer addiction


Computer addiction (Internet addiction) in the name of questioning about yourself, your responses to the following questions will be guiding you on this subject:

  1. Do you feel your mind is still preoccupied with the internet? (previous or next do you think for a moment that you’ll be online your home online?)
  2. Daily does increase with the need to be online at the time of connecting to the internet?
  3. In order to take control of your daily internet usage, I wonder if you have failed attempts in the past?
  4. Instead of the time zone that you share with your family and loved ones, to be on the screen at the beginning of Internet connection do you prefer?
  5. Reduce your time to yourself in days your Internet connection is restless, Moody, depressed, or frustrated do you feel?
  6. For a longer time than you planned in the day are you online?
  7. Internet and computer because of your passion for any meaningful relationship, education and learning, or in the case of problems have you had in your career?
  8. The duration of computer use and internet about you, your family, your friends, or do you lie to others?
  9. The purpose of your Internet and computer usage, feeling dysphoric or get away from the problems of life to alleviate your condition are you using? (e.g., helplessness, guilt, anxiety, feelings of depression)
  10. Because of the time spent on the computer in front of the screen, your social life, to put off your plans with your friends?

Computer Addiction 300x200 - What Is Computer Addiction? What Are The Symptoms? 

Your child’s internet and computer addiction symptoms that is suggests that include:

  • While controlling failure behavior
  • Computer and Internet use increased during exuberant status
  • Neglect your family and friends
  • Online to stay, sleep neglect
  • Not to be honest against other individuals
  • When being online on the internet, guilty, ashamed, and feeling anxious
  • Excessive weight gain or loss observed in the last period, back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, such as physical changes

If you think that you have the above symptoms, internet-consultancy support we recommend that you seek from an expert on computer addiction. Especially in adolescence young people between the ages of 13-18 are quite common in the internet-computer addiction, has caused young people to have a problem with social friends.

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