What Is Déjà Vu?

deja vu - What Is Déjà Vu?

You like feeling that you’ve read this story before? If yes, it means you’ve been déjà vu. Well, what is déjà vu and why occur? here is the answer…

Given the feeling of living people previously lived in a home like again. Déjà vu, which is French originally, it’s not a disturbance in the general sense of the word. It could be deja vu for everyone. However, this may be an indication of a mental disorder to live very often.Volunteer subjects in research involving the left lower lobe of the human brain as a result of the events we are living the same event, and register only with the main lines in the future when confronted with a similar situation, our brain is like distinguishing that event, it appeared that gave a sense of history.Experts usually experienced a sense of déjà vu of persons in the age range 15-30 stresses.

Why Deja Vu Can You Live?
Experiencing many different thoughts about the cause of deja vu tells. This situation is related to the reincarnation of some people, in some parallel universe and tells us that our life is about. Déjà vu describes as the spirit of Islamic scientists never experienced before.
Science, however, look at their own terms. Deja vu déjà vu reveal the temporal alignment of the memory system in the brain when we are. From what we have short term memory long term memory is discarded from the result of a problem that occurs when Deja Vu live. When brain threw short term memory, long term memory, it reads like it’s coming from. As a result, we feel like the moment Live Twice.

dejavu nedir - What Is Déjà Vu?

Déjà Vu Is Diagnosed?
This is now accounted for, although not all, people with schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and depression more often in people who are people who have a déjà vu live. Déjà vu in patients with epilepsy, seizures may be a harbinger of. Deja vu, mostly because patients seizure before.

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