What Is Edema? Information About

What Is Edema - What Is Edema? Information About

Talking about experts because there may be many reasons for paying, edema could be a sign of serious illness, he said. Primarily edema? the answer to the question we have compiled this content.

What Is Edema?

Talking about experts because there may be many reasons for paying, edema serious diseases could also be a precursor to said. Primarily edema? Definition let. What is edema fluid accumulation in the body. Edema is a common condition. Intracellular edema is an accumulation of fluid in the tissue under the skin, we can say that.

Payment, which leads to diseases, kidney-liver diseases, cardiovascular problems, hormonal disorders. Edema to occur that cause some of the conditions, menstrual,menopausal,more weight,less water consumption,excess carbohydrate consumption,a diet with plenty of salt. In addition, magnesium deficiency/ vitamin B6 deficiency also can cause the imbalance of blood pressure and edema.

Edema most first hand, feet and eyelids. The amount of water and salt that you consume plays an active role in edema formation. Treatment of edema disease-related edema, if not some non-drug methods of payment you can get rid.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Edema?

Symptoms vary depending on the cause of edema. These are;

1. Peripheral edema (Pit edema)

Swelling in ankles and legs can be defined as. Swelling from peripheral edema, may increase or decrease with changes in body position. For example, a person lying on his back, will be less swelling in the legs, while the sacrum) and the area around will be more apparent. The swollen area on the skin looks tight and shiny and tight when pressure is applied to the area with a finger, an indentation occurs. This is called edema edema i.e. the prefabricated pit.

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2. Pulmonary Edema

Associated with a type of pulmonary edema. Pulmonary edema in the case of the patient’s extremities (arms and legs) there is evidence that significant fluid retention or swelling examination often. The reason for this is the accumulation of fluid in the lungs. Symptoms of pulmonary edema include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Breathing difficulties when lying flat
  • Wake up out of breath

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What Are The Causes Of Edema?

Small blood vessels from the surrounding tissues edema excess fluid in the body flows. This excess fluid, tissues causes swelling. The cause of the fluid leaked into the surrounding tissue may be the result of several factors. For payment must be defined in a way as simple as possible. For example:

  • In the blood vessels too much force or pressure
  • A force outside of the blood vessels, causes fluid to be drawn through; or
  • Protect the walls of blood vessels and the balance would be in danger of fluid loss will cause.

Each of these three factors, may be associated with various diseases or conditions.

These are as follows:


Edema during pregnancy pregnant women because their bodies hold more liquid can be seen. Edema may occur after the birth a woman.

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Various drugs, e.g., steroidscalcium channel blockersare tiazolidinedion (insulinsensitivity oral antidiabetic drug that enhances one of the groups), NSAID (pain reliever),anti-inflammatory medicationsestrogens , etc. in payment may result.

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Liver disease and kidney disease

Both of these organs is vital to the maintenance of fluid balance in the body and if severe disease in these organ systems edema can develop if you have. (Cirrhosis of the liver, chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure.)

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Venous Insufficiency

This blood to the heart from the peripheral areas of the body (e.g., ankles, legs, feet, hands) in an efficient way and it doesn’t come back is a common condition resulting in edema. This usually may result in edema in both legs.

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Heart Failure

If the heart is weak , and if it is able to pump blood efficiently, the blood is caused by a buildup of blood in certain parts of the body, and this causes fluid to leak from blood vessels into the surrounding tissue.

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How Edema Is Thrown?

How edema is thrown , you need to know the answer to the question. Edemais swelling caused by excess fluid held in body tissues. Are ways that you can pay off:

1. Reduce Salt Consumption

The most important answer that can be given to the question of how edema is thrown, will be to reduce your salt intake. Salt reduce your intake. The excess salt in the body, the tissues attracts water, so reduce consumption of salt, edema can reduce.

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2. Limit Your Intake Of Processed Food

These are from the grocery store you purchased the boxed, frozen and canned products.Fast food , try to prepare your own meals at home instead of. This way you can be sure whether the added salt in the food you eat.

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3. Eat A Balanced Diet

Edema is one of the most important ways to have a healthy and balanced diet. The best way to ensure good nutritional balance in your diet, to eat various fruits and vegetables. These foods are naturally low in terms of salt. AsparagusparsleybeetsgrapesYesil beansleafy greenspumpkinpineappleonionleek and garlic , such as plenty of fruits and vegetables you can consume.

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4. Reduce Meat Consumption

Should limit the amount of meat you consume. Some meat is more than the amount of salt.These are, for instance, dried meats, cold meats and red meats are some of them. Also,excessive oil consumptionexacerbating edema livergallbladder and digestionhealthy function can also adversely affect.

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5. Large Amounts Of Water For

Edema, water consists of, if you may ask the question why we drink water. However, water is the best way to clean the body. Remember to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

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6. Alcohol, caffeine and tobacco use.

These products increase your overall health and can negatively affect payment. At the same time, alcohol and caffeine dehydrated you may be. So, if you consume those drinks, you should drink more water than usual to withstand the effects note that.

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7. Your Body Follow A Proper Exercise Program

Pay for enough movement and exercise that you can get rid note. However, forget the fact that too much exercise may result in a payment in. Many people that comes from excessive exercise to pay knows. If you have a special medical condition your body proper exercise programs you can try.

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8. Avoid Sitting For Too Long

Sitting and not moving are among the greatest reasons for pay to spend too much time.Provides for expansion of your leg muscles to move and walk around. In this case, your veins will massage your body, and by stimulating the blood to flow through. In this way, to develop conditions such as edema and swelling are not concerned.

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9. Lift Your Feet Up

Lift your feet up while you are resting or sitting for a long time. If you cannot avoid sitting for a long time, to prevent paying try to keep your legs elevated. Lay it on the table or your feet on a stool. Make a pile of a pillow where you can rest your feet comfortably.

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10. Walk Every Hour

Biriktiy if you paid too much, go for a walk 5 minutes every hour will help take your payment to. Go for a walk around the room, walk to fill up your water bottle again. This will help improve your mood and take your payment.

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11. Raise Your Arms

Payment most hands and wrists, arms and your hands on your head try to upgrade every 30 minutes. This, thanks to gravity, the liquid will help you to be taken out. In your head, your hands shake slightly while removing the air in this way, wait at least 60 seconds.

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12. Wear Compression Stockings

Compression stockings, lower leg and around your ankle to prevent the accumulation of fluid pressure stockings are tight elastic that holds. You can find these socks in stores and some pharmacies the medical device.

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13. Antioxidants Take

They indirectly support the payment because they can strengthen blood vessels antioxidants.In addition to eating antioxidant foods, grape seed extract (360 mg twice per day) or bilberry (80 mg three times a day) to buy additional food such as you can try.

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14. Massage

A massage to your body and can trigger excess fluid in tissue. Lymph drainage therapy, also known as lymphedema massage, a form of massage that helps the lymphatic system of the body and supports immune function.

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15. Drink Herbal Teas

Herbal teas increases the amount of urine you produce more fluids from your body and thus throws. However, herbal teas , before using the herbs you use to measure whether you are allergic. If you are taking medication before using any herbal tea, indeed, consult a specialist.

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