What Is Effective Communication?

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The Importance Of Communication In Human Life

There are many definition of communication. Communication, using specific tools, information, ideas and attitudes of mutual transfer.

“What is communication?” in a nutshell, from the cradle to the grave, always with people and for people is a need as vital as air. Communication is an attempt to a search for meaning, people start to distinguish between alerts and lead you around itself to meet the changing needs, and to organise a creative activity that worked.

Man, there from day one until today applied to a variety of tools to communicate.Communication has progressed in continuous development from the past until today. At first, body language, hand – arm movements, facial expressions and gestures, lighting the fire, the smoke by removing the caves by drawing pictures, communicating by various figures in the Palace of the king, then in parallel with the development of technology, there have been new developments of communication tools.

etkili iletisim - What Is Effective Communication?

This new process which started with the invention of the mail, Telegraph, Telephone, Newspaper, Radio, Television and the internet, such as with the invention of written and visual communication tools has been developed at a dizzying pace. The domain of each communication tool has become much more than the one before. As a result of the introduction of new communication tools with individuals, groups, and much more practical and faster to communicate with the masses was carried out.


‘Effective Communication’?

Communication is an essential requirement of life. To enable people to come together or live together, a sine qua communication. Among the people of knowledge, feelings, thoughts sharing, communication creates. Nature are among the basic human needs to communicate.Family, school, work, friends, spouse, even individuals who even state institutions are the units that are communicating.

The individual in the social environment must communicate to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Also communication is very important in order to satisfy their spiritual and physical needs also. Maintaining order in society, laws and rules for communication or to operate in a healthy manner is necessary.

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A healthy communication to be established, and agreed upon by the related parties can exchange information in this way where there is a need for a common language to share between them. However, all communications be established is not positive. Punching someone, spat also is a form of communication.

It should be healthy to establish communication with every one in every field to achieve.Healthy communication is the basic truth. These are:

  • Being natural
  • Be accepting and respectful
  • To be sympathetic
  • Being consistent
  • To be reassuring
  • Not to be judgmental
  • Common needs tend to be
  • To be clear
  • To be conciliatory
  • The truth is that to transfer the correct language
  • The problem is people not being able to criticize
  • Be relevant and farkindalikli

Effective Communication, Communication What Are The Elements Of

  • The sender (source): feelings, thoughts and desires of a person who says the thing is transposition, or a community.
  • Buyer: feelings, thoughts, and requests transmitted, transferred, person or community.
  • Message: the sender transmits to the receiver feelings, thoughts, wishes and messages.
  • Channel: the sender when sending the message to the recipient or uses a tool.
  • Context: the elements of communication together at the corners of the environment.
  • Feedback: the recipient to the sender any response.
  • Password: the sender of the message with text, images, figures, etc. you can transfer.Here are each one of them is the password.

Effective Communication Considerations

Communication is the process of preparing, initiating, and person generally forwards the sender (source) is called. The sender of communication is the most important element.Gondericisiz communication can’t happen. The most important responsibility in communication rests with the shipper.

Source detection, selection, thinking, in the process of meaningful messages sent via interpretation a person or persons who produced the icons. The features you need to pay attention to the sender, it is possible to order under five main headings.

  • The sender must have knowledge and experience about the subject.
  • The sender and the channel is the most appropriate symbol to formulate a certain thought must choose.
  • Shipper must send a message by specifying the time and place convenient to you.
  • The sender must be capable of encoding a good.
  • The sender must send the message that the recipient is considering the ability of mental perception.
  • If the sender does not be aware of this likely to be successful .

Effective Communication Skills

Psychological needs emerged as a result of human communication processes. Recognize yourself as a social being, develop, and receiving feedback self-assessment has made significant contributions to the techniques developed in communication.


etkili iletisim 002 - What Is Effective Communication?

In order to communicate effectively people, must pay attention to some important points.These are:

  • Getting to know yourself
  • Open yourself up and express yourself right
  • To listen the one in front of us active and involved
  • To be able to empathise (to be able to put ourselves in the other person)
  • To be tolerant and unbiased
  • Being open to criticism
  • Body language, eye contact, address, volume, etc. be able to.

The Characteristics Of A Good Listener

To be able to be a good listener communication is quite important. For interpersonal communication to be effective, the delivery to tell a good in a good way of catching up need to hear.

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A good listener, the requirements for an effective communication are as follows:

  • The attention on the other person gives.
  • The speaker listens to the word without interrupting.
  • Establishes eye contact.
  • He does not try to say the last word.
  • Don’t think listening will answer you.
  • Judgment, not listen to blame (not biased).
  • Tries to understand their thoughts and feelings.
  • Is not busy doing something else while listening.
  • Pay attention to nonverbal messages as well as what the speaker is saying.
  • To indicate your understanding of the speaker’s feelings and thoughts is found in their verbal expressions.

Communication Mistakes

When people communicate, sometimes willingly and sometimes involuntarily make some mistakes. These are usually in a negative way there may be errors that will affect the process of communication. Some attitudes and behaviors when communicating and therefore should stay away from.

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In general, common communication errors include:

  • Give orders
  • Threatening
  • Warn
  • Sidetracked
  • Name-calling
  • Test
  • To give advice
  • Criticize
  • Judge
  • Lecture
  • Blame
  • Sarcasm
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