What is Elephant disease and how is it treated?

ELEPHANTIASIS LYMPHEDEMA - What is Elephant disease and how is it treated?

The elephant is a common disease in tropical countries, which often disease causes, symptoms and treatment we have all the news you need to know about.


In the language of Medicine, called lymphedema, elephantiasis, is one of the types are common, although not rare disease. Elephantiasis caused by structural abnormalities in the lymphatic system, lymph fluid under the skin as a result of the increase in the amount of spread and texture ranges in the accumulate. For this reason, the swelling occurs in the limbs or body.

fil hastaligi - What is Elephant disease and how is it treated?

Allows you to enter the lymphatic system the fluid between the cells by filtering the blood.Thus, it helps to maintain fluid balance between the cells. Lymphatic channels transport lymph fluid and lymph nodes in case of birth defect, loss or damage to, the lymph fluid accumulates in the body. However, if the accumulated amount exceeds the transport capacity of the lymphatic system called lymphedema and elephantiasis of the liquid will occur. Lymphedema usually leads to swelling in the arms and legs, while it rarely can cause swelling in the body.

Although the disease is not contagious, which is one of rare diseases, we can say that the elephant is not a hereditary disease. Elephantiasis can be treated with regular treatments that occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance, as in untreated cases of the disease may reach serious proportions.

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1. Stage : 1 Back swivel described as lymphedema. temporary swelling is seen in the universe and certain unidentified complaints. Within days of increasing edema, while the resting state is reduced.

2. Stage : Chronic lymphedema is considered. At this stage, along with feeling constantly decrease swelling, and limitation of Motion results. Symptoms like pain and burning at the same time are observed.

3. Stage : the final stage is a serious pain. The ascending limb is subject to a serious limitation of motion with deformation over time. Recently it is mentioned lymphoma. The result of the treatment in the case of not, death is inevitable.

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Surgical intervention in cases of acquired lymphedema lymphedema some reason not completely known, radiation, infection or trauma that can be caused by is considered.Lymphedema removal of lymph nodes in the treatment of some cancers like breast cancer also increases the risk of.

On the basis of structural abnormalities in the lymphatic system elephantiasis caused by parasitic worms as they left for the breeding of larvae, the transport of mosquitoes to people as a result of lies. Accordingly, the lymph vessels are blocked and inflammation occur. As a result, swelling in your arms or legs occurs.

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One of the main factors that play a role in the formation of elephantiasis paths, clogging the lymph, lymph as well as radiotherapy or surgery is damage to the pathways. As a result of damage to the lymphatic pathways lymph fluid accumulate in the tissue and swelling under the skin or spread showing at intervals.



Lymphedema is not a disease that occurs immediately. In some cases, 15 years or longer duration of symptoms may occur. Elephantiasis symptoms are observed first in the hands and feet. A rise in the weight of the arm and leg, as well as the tension and rigidity of the skin is subject to.

In later times sensory disorders in the hands and feet may occur. Also joint stiffness, symptoms such as the sensation of fullness and stiffness in the hands and feet are seen.Due to swelling, socks, tight clothes, shoes, items such as rings and bracelets on the skin and leaves no trace. The region also consists of a hole as a result of the suppression of fog.

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Hygiene is the most important factor that should be considered in the treatment of elephantiasis. At the same time, in the first stage, by doctors various sports and exercise is recommended. The implementation of the exercises that are recommended by the doctor on a regular basis as a result of your body can return to its normal state. At the same time, and the pressure is reduced through these exercises moves the muscles a little more.

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Surgery is another treatment method that is implemented in elephantiasis. Applied surgical intervention with the excess skin is removed. Surgical intervention, as well as drug therapy and physiotherapy to support applications such as the treatment are given. Also the use of stockings may also be useful.


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