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Empathy means understanding one’s feelings as a result of putting oneself in place. When empathy is established and individuals are understood, effective communication takes place. Unfortunately, most people do not understand empathy and always selfishly argue that he is right. Understanding empathy makes life easier. In this article we will give you interesting information about empathy.

empathy - What is Empathy

The meaning of empathy, known as empathy, is simply known as the substitution of one’s self. Unfortunately, many people do not have the ability to empathy, which eliminates all communication problems when done correctly . In the case of mastery of healthy empathy techniques, it is possible for the person to better understand the other person, to make healthier decisions and to strengthen their dialogue.

Self- centered life, which is one of the benefits of the modern age , causes people to move away from empathy day by day. Selfishness is based solely on the unconsciousness of empathy, the desire to express oneself only without paying attention to their own desires and listening. To overcome this , you need to be able to empathize regardless of your age, religion or gender . When you achieve this, you will realize that you understand yourself and the other person better.

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Empathy is the most fundamental point of fighting insensitivity and insensitivity . With empathy, you can easily express yourself and establish your dialogue more healthy. Moreover, you can deal with your environment better by consuming less energy.

What is Empathy?

What is Empathy1 - What is Empathy

Empathy is an effort to understand the thought and mood of another person . Empathy, which is also known as its desire to express itself as well as its desire to understand it, thinks instead of a consciousness. It is a person’s attempt to understand only the dimension of thought without the need for any physical experiment. This could be an accident, a shock or a bliss.

Not everyone has the ability to understand emotions, thoughts and desires without experiencing them . The ability to make empathy is a feature that cannot be achieved easily and is not available to everyone.

How to Build Empathy?

How to Build Empathy - What is Empathy

A person is born with empathy from the day he was born. Later, depending on what he sees, people learn how to build empathy. In order to empathize, you should first listen carefully to the sentences of the other person. Once you have made sure that you understand the sentences, you should ask questions.

Many people are described as closed boxes . You can open the person you want to empathize with. To do this, you must ask open-ended questions . When you ask why, why, why, or why, you ask the other person to talk. Then you should choose some words from the answers with the filter technique.

These will be statements that are accepted as a clue to the other person. So you have the clue or hardware to understand it. Then you should think about it for a few minutes. You can empathize by asking yourself what you have felt or thought.

Who has more empathy skills?

According to researches, the most common people with empathy are babies. Emotion sharing and understanding skills are more common in infants than adults. After a few stages of development, people who grow and turn towards themselves lose their empathy ability. In order to bring back this loss or develop the existing empathy skills, it is necessary to deal with this.

What is Empathy e1563438107118 - What is Empathy

The ability to empathize, which is depleted over time, like non-working muscles, is directly proportional to one’s effort. The more the person understands or gets tired of understanding, the more empathy is available.

What do you need to have empathy?

In order to make empathy, some features are required. The first is to be a good listener . If you know how to listen to it, you will get what you want to learn more easily. Patience is another characteristic of empathy. If you try patiently to understand the other person , do not get angry and behave moderately, your communication power will be much stronger.

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According to the researches, friendly, sincere and friendly people have a much higher ability to empathize. The main reason for this is that the people in front of them trust them more easily and establish a more comfortable dialogue.

What are the benefits of empathy?

What are the benefits of empathy - What is Empathy

The most basic benefit of empathy is that it provides the person with the opportunity to understand his environment. Particularly in the business world, self-expression and strong dialogue are among the advantages of empathy .

With empathy, one feels more peaceful because he is free from selfishness.Understanding and more peaceful agreement with the other are the benefits of empathy. Empathy, which allows you to be respected and loved, helps to keep your place in society. In parallel, your environment will expand and your friendship will increase permanence.

What are the harms of empathy?

What are the harms of empathy - What is Empathy

It is observed that many people who fail to empathize are basically afraid of this situation. Empathy is considered by many to be impotent. As a matter of fact , this skill that gives the person the opportunity to understand the other person should not be considered as helpless. However, there is no exaggeration of empathy.

If you empathize and feel very sorry for yourself , then helplessness may occur. In other words, the boss, who treats his employees with empathy in business life, earns respectability, but in the event of an overload, he loses control. Empathy, whose boundaries are not protected in social life, leads to abuse .

Why Is Empathy Important?

Empathy is important because it is one of the basic requirements of society. In a society with empathy, unrest and turmoil are not observed. Empathy is essential for the well-being of the people and for a comfortable environment. In addition, it is very important to be in a home where empathy remains valid when raising children.

Although the baby is born with empathy skills, he adopts what he sees from his family. If he has a mother and father with empathy, healthy individuals will grow. Empathy is important for a healthy society .


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