What is Endometriosis ? Can cause infertility?

Endometriosis - What is Endometriosis ? Can cause infertility?

Chocolate cyst, endometriosis, namely; the lives of many women and nowadays quite common, a problem that causes severe pain and infertility. Endometriosis of the uterus outside the uterus with the formation of the layer should occur in a variety of disease known. There are many different types of chocolate cysts, can be treated using drugs and surgical methods. Some different types of chocolate cysts surgical method is not effective since the patient is redirected to conceive with IVF methods. Chocolate cyst in the abdominal region when they settled, the patient may be confronted with severe menstrual cramps and bleeding. Will be distinguished from normal menstrual cramps the pain is so high. But when positioned in the uterus these cysts, ovarian if it is different from the situation’s pretty bad influence it may cause problems.

14784 cikolata kisti2 300x166 - What is Endometriosis ? Can cause infertility?Chocolate cysts and chemical substances inside them blood-filled sacs, the blood the follicles of the ovaries into the uterus to prevent conception the fertilized egg may be seated, or is seated in normal position, the tube that carries the patient infertility may remain. Chocolate cyst of this disease in the last of studies emerging data later on can’t be revealed that can occur due to genetic reasons. Chocolate is quite high in our country, the incidence of cyst, a chocolate cyst was detected in 40% of patients with infertility. Many side-effects which has chocolate cyst also can clog the bowels and urinary tract. Chocolate cyst painful during intercourse may be caused by the lives of women.

Chocolate cysts can cause infertility because settling in the womb, the tubes and the activities of the egg, i.e. fertilization or prevent the fertilized egg in the fallopian tubes can cause infertility because they are the structures that stand in the way of moving. However, the problem with the current treatment methods are there patients that survived the fire. The patient chocolate cysts laparoscopy usually the method of treatment of the cyst is taken and the whole of the area cleaning process. In general, patients conceive within 1 year. But these are cases that respond to treatment if this raised cysts These patients, IVF is recommended.

In cases of advanced endometriosis, surgery will not be a very effective treatment. In advanced cases, cysts may block in vitro the ovaries and tubes must be late.

In men, Fertilityare Recommended to increase 11


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