What is ExoSkeleton ?

ExoSkeleton - What is ExoSkeleton ?

Exoskeleton skeletal system is designed to increase proficiency and Nov that we have and is a general term for technologies that increase human endurance in every sense. Today, Space Exploration Technologies exo skeleton from military technology, medical treatment, workers in the industrial area extending from a very wide range of support equipment to be used and continues to be developed. Leading U.S. technology companies that are suffering, especially for electronics and automotive industry already has become a major competitive factor.

The ExoSkeleton Of The History Of Technology

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Armies began to be built in the war when the idea of super soldiers from the time it is one of the professional fighters were always processed. First, these technologies then we slowly started somutlasmay armor techniques futurists texts. Edward was a soldier for the first time the idea of muscular mechanical Sylvester Ellis’s “the Steam man of the Prairies” in the novel emerge. Published in 1868, an inventor Johnny Brainerd designed mechanical skeleton watch hero of this novel market reaches a speed of 96.5 km. This power, which gives him a steam-powered giant skeleton. Then, in 1961, created by Marvel comics Iron Man character designs today all this can be considered as a source of reinforced skeleton. Just the intended character of Iron Man in years, the Pentagon by the U.S. Department of Defense exo-skeleton for soldiers in the field to increase the resistance of the project has started to send invitations to the relevant companies. The Pentagon in the 1960’s of the year, in accordance with the spirit of the Cold War, nuclear weapons and high-kinetic-energy weapons aimed at the development of a mobile person who can weather the storm of the tank. Developed for the Pentagon by the middle of the 1960s in the design of the first success, was obtained from Cornell University. Developed the first Iron Man exo-skeleton or famous with the name ”Superman outfit” as per served. Weighing just 16 kg, this Superman wearing his suit, the soldier could carry about 450 kg weight with each hand. A cabin in this area of robotic walking Peliculator then called and known by the media exo skeleton was met with intense interest by the second. 6 meter this device is more functional because it is not a tool reminding me of alien and was abandoned. Designs were developed in the 1980s and 90s, similar to today’s Iron Man, but these have been shared with the media. Throughout the years many different designs were developed exo-skeleton, while there were things that all these designs and projects akamet weak. The foremost problem of the device it Administration command and the energy. The devices in question, or the user doesn’t respond fast enough to the commands of the commands incorrectly, or was picking up. Command the soldiers of the device other than the issue of distances and environments needed for a long time and he wanted to keep sufficient energy in the service of power, but none of the devices could not transmit the developed power for more than 1-2 hours. Again, this is a problem in the skeleton itself was a source of clumsiness. Didn’t get to all these obstacles, scientists and designers work constantly, and eventually the search for the man of Steel when it comes to the year 2000 first introduced the functional and real models has begun to be successful. Connected to the Pentagon, and Defense technology research tools by the agency named DARPA about $ 75 million project was launched with a big budget like called exoskeletons. This DARPA project was quite ambitious. According to the project, the soldier who wears these clothes, dozens of miles without getting tired of hundreds of pounds of clothes to carry, carry at least two weapons that can normally be used by soldiers will be able to use. His friends can put away from without difficulty injured in the battle line, or anti-aircraft artillery could pass for a normal human being where they can continue to fight under fire, without being affected by jumping obstacles that would exceed. Most experts find impossible if the goals in this project, studies increasingly shows that it is closer to a realization of the aforementioned ability. Drunk Steve owned computer company, has developed a number of innovative technology hydraulic systems sensors could command very quickly. The company succeeded to these sensors and make them compatible with the human nervous system Nov when a huge obstacle was overcome in the field of technology exo-skeleton. As of 2005, the company called the design of robots in science fiction movies reminiscent of XOS revealed. Later studies with the support of DARPA’s transfer to Raytheon drunk Raytheon vision was closest to the design. The Raytheon XOS 2 by the name of Sarcos introduced this technology for the first time in September 2010, the company was presented to the media at the research facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The exo-skeleton of the present-day use area

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Exo-Skeletal Technology Future

A super human exo skeleton or as a project from DARPA to the present day numerous technology companies continues to be an area on the running clothes today. The success of these new devices and abilities is regarded as a source of great hope for humanity while in some circles ” that considers humans to be invaded by robots the first step to be fast and amazing achievements. 20 hour battery life with the Japanese company Cyberdyne, the neural commands that are sent by brain directly with running has developed into a suite of. Need exo skeleton developed by DARPA in the field of technologies by other companies designs projects as well as an office printer from almost quieter running. Named the Raytheon XOS 2 exo skeleton design Sarcos DARPA is equipped with GPS at the same time as, the soldiers give information about the location. Soz 2 Nov instant the soldiers with the help of sensors that are integrated into the nervous system and blood pressure, vital information can also be displayed such as the frequency of breathing. Designs Exoskeleton war is extremely beneficial civilian purposes in time of peace, when designed in accordance with the capacity for strong opportunities.Designed by Berkeley Bionics e-leg system and the spine of people who have persistent problems with neuromuscular diseases, enabling them to perform daily life activities smoothly. To continue development work in this area, especially in the lives of individuals with disabilities has provided great convenience already. Again, the Ekso Bionics Robot developed by the brand called Hyundai tech is a great innovation in the field of industrial automation systems claim to give. This is also possible to prevent occupational accidents of the workers who fucked with EXO technology, the performance is expected.

Exo-Skeletal Technology Future

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Exo-Skeletal Technology Future

For the moment, technologies exo skeleton is still in the development stage, also will take the place of these technologies in the near future, it is obvious that in all areas of life. This technology currently stands as the biggest obstacle to production and development costs. On the forehead with the expansion of 3D printer technology, this high cost, it is stated that the barriers would be overcome.



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