What is gastric bypass and how is it done?

WHAT IS GASTRIC BYPASS - What is gastric bypass and how is it done?

Which is one of the most commonly used for the treatment of obesity gastric bypass surgery know all the details of what we do.


Which is one of the methods commonly used in the treatment of obesity gastric bypass surgeons in America is one of the most widely implemented of the two. With a gastric bypass surgery, the stomach stomach is bypassed and instead a large part of a volume prepared for the Department of small. The small intestine the stomach is then sewn into this small volume.

Gastric bypass surgery the stomach volume is minimized and a portion of the intestines is disabled. In this way, a portion of the nutrients consumed are targeted to be taken without being absorbed. Labels the person a feeling of fullness with less food thus reaping only a portion of foods is absorbed.

To the problem of obesity with gastric bypass surgery are treated in a highly effective way. To the solution of obesity that is the cause of many health problems is starting. Obesity from a disease that is caused by diabetes, and eliminate many metabolic problem is provided.Applied the results of gastric bypass surgery shows itself in a few months.

Gastric bypass surgery in Morbidly Obese patients, as well as carbohydrate-heavy diet is a treatment that is applied to people who have. However, for people who are accustomed to eating foods high in calories too much is not recommended. People pay attention to the foods they consume gastric bypass surgery is recommended. Therefore, these patients-fat, high-sugar and starchy foods should avoid. Otherwise it may be impossible to have successful results.

gastrik bypass - What is gastric bypass and how is it done?


Gastric bypass surgery with obesity surgery in the laparoscopic method is implemented. The method is implemented by entering the abdomen laparoscopy opened in small fractions. In this way, the risk of hernia and wound infection after surgery substantially protected. The method of laparoscopy in gastric bypass surgery as well as robotic surgical method is also implemented.

gastrik bypass ameliyati nasil uygulanir - What is gastric bypass and how is it done?


Advantages Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • On the border of diabetes patients to fully recover is provided.
  • After gastric bypass surgery 80% of patients showed a decrease in cholesterol, while a few months after surgery, the values return to normal.
  • The risk of heart disease decreases.
  • Obesity linked to sleep disorder is resolved.
  • Eliminates acid reflux.
  • High blood pressure greatly improves.
  • You don’t need to use medication the majority of patients with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Asthma attacks are largely given in decline, while some asthma patients are completely cured.
  • Respiratory problems returns to normal.
  • If the rules are followed permanent weight loss is achieved.

gastrik bypass avantajlari - What is gastric bypass and how is it done?

Of Gastric Bypass Surgery Disadvantages

  • Constipation or intestinal obstruction, may be subject to.
  • Chronic nutrient deficiencies
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • Nausea
  • Nov reduction in mass
  • A change in bowel habits
  • Hair loss
  • The formation of gall bladder stones
  • A hernia formation at the surgical site
  • Obstruction of the stomach outlet
  • Urinary tract infections increase in
  • The return of the surgical operation is impossible
  • Fatal, serious complications

gastrik bypass ameliyati sonrasi beslenme - What is gastric bypass and how is it done?


  • After the surgery, you must act according to the diet list from your doctor.
  • Note that your stomach does not have as large a volume as it used to be.
  • Chew food well and eat slowly.
  • Make sure you’re before or after a half hour after eating liquid foods.
  • Consume at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Avoid sugary and oily foods.
  • Opt for an unborn oils. (olive oil, sunflower oil, hazelnut oil,…)
  • Avoid acidic drinks.
  • The number of meals reduce the amount of servings you are upgrading.



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