What Is Hair Mesotherapy? How Is It Applied?

sac mezoterapisi - What Is Hair Mesotherapy? How Is It Applied?

Especially in recent years, the language from the problem of hair loss every day for a new treatment of allegations is thrown. But how can you claim another treatment that gives results as accurate as if it posed out hair mesotherapy method.


In recent years, especially the complaint which is the subject of hair loss every day we are faced with a new product for an event. The hope of the promises given to those with this problem every product is no longer yeserse no one began to believe. That much money to spend and the lack of a change in the hair again, as well as drugs has the side effect of hair.However, you have an application that can eliminate problems like these. Hair mesotherapythis method is a method that should be applied strictly in terms of the health of your hair. The roots of the hair the most efficient application, which is shown as mesotherapy, allows you to live longer and healthier hair follicles. Therapy by raising blood circulationin the roots by stimulating their senses, reproduction and growth quickly hair lossresistance to save, protect hair and it is done in order to ensure tightening, and from a visual perspective, your own hair will bring it back to its original condition.


sac mezoterapisi - What Is Hair Mesotherapy? How Is It Applied?

How Is It Applied?

In hair mesotherapy,the problem with specially prepared mixtures, with a special needle under the skin injected . The middle portion of this injected in the skin with capillaries and ends of your hair the first step to be taken is to reach out to recover. The injected mixture,protein, minerals, vitamins, supplements contains the supporting blood circulation. This therapy depending on the damage and loss in the hair of the person 5-10 sessions between the is applied. Again, depending on the hair 7-10 days apart the hair in the sessions after the third session of the first domain is visible. This sphere than normal, giving quick results a drug or therapy proven.

Special needles that are used in hair mesotherapy, it is not like a regular needle because it certainly can’t hurt. After the procedure person per ice pad is made by applying of relief in the head.

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