What is hemophilia and what are the symptoms?

What Is Hemophilia - What is hemophilia and what are the symptoms?

Hemophilia is a common disease in men disease is usually. The carrier is seen as for women. How hemophilia has occurred for which reasons?

What Is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is defined as a lack of clotting. This disease is also known as bleeding disorder among the people. The condition of hemophilia clotting of blood within the normal time. This disease is a disease of men. Hemophilia is a blood disorder which most men. Hemophilia is a genetic disorder. For familial reasons arise.


hemofili nedir ve belirtileri nelerdir - What is hemophilia and what are the symptoms?


Due to missing some of the elements which played a role in blood clotting occurs.Hemophilia A blood coagulation or blood clotting after injury is seen as slow. Most of the women and those men who live with this disease is seen most often as a carrier. A woman is required to receive from both parents the gene for hemophilia.


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Girls who have hemophilia are living in the aftermath of the hassle of going through adolescence. Occur after the disease hemophilia. Blood clotting, blood fibrin of fibrinogen occurs with the rotation. Blood clotting, various injuries and accidents in daily life is very important for people that are experiencing the condition.


What Are The Symptoms Of Hemophilia?

In infancy

Type in infancy patients with severe bruising, swelling of joint parts, during periods of teething bleeding gums, nose bleeding. Injury and trauma may cause bleeding.

  • Bruising
  • Swelling in the joint area
  • Gingival bleeding
  • Nosebleeds

In childhood

Ankle, knee, elbow joints or in the muscles surrounding bleeding is seen.

  • Ankle bleeding
  • Bleeding elbows
  • Bleeding in the directory
  • Bleeding in the muscles around the joint

In the adult period

Hip, shoulder and seen with complaints of bleeding and pain all over the body. Treatment or delay in treatment if there is bleeding into the abdomen and the head and neck may be vital.

  • Bleeding in the bass region
  • Bleeding in the neck
  • Bleeding in the abdomen
  • Bleeding all over the body


Hemophilia Causes

Allows you to stop the cause of hemophilia is the lack of blood clotting factors. There are two types of hemophilia. Hemophilia A Hemophilia B is referred to as. This naming is to identify a protein in the blood.


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Hemophilia A is missing factor 8 protein. Hemophilia A are more likely to. With haemophilia, 80% of patients are seen in this group. This protein Factor 8 hemophilia occurs when the blood falls below half of the amount that should be found in. How much increased as the severity of the disease.


Treatment Of Hemophilia

Lasts a lifetime or even many years, the treatment of hemophilia. The factors which cause disease and hemophilia, which are missing, are replaced with the help of injection or proteins. Thanks to this method, when the patient is bleeding blood clotting is provided. This method of treatment is not a permanent method.


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Continuously and therefore should be done regularly. This method of therapy the patient will lose effect after a certain period of time has passed and old will descend to the level of. The use of this treatment as well as drug therapy. In addition to treatment, people with hemophilia exercise and sports in a way that suggests their doctor you should do.



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