What Is Immune? How Is It Acquired?

1 - What Is Immune? How Is It Acquired?

What exactly does it mean most of the time we use the word immune? Is composed of units which are acquired immune and how is it? For detailed information about the immune appealed.

Immune; human or animal into the body of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and foreign substances, either natural or acquired against the protection mechanism. So, our body resistance against viruses that will harm us. Disease-producing viruses and bacteria to protect the body against itself naturally. The body’s defense against cancer cells that is important in the immune system also revealed. How our bodies become immune, or no matter what we do, can we live a healthier life?

There are two ways this immunity in the body wins;

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Natural immunity: individual, structural, and related to the inherited properties. Innate immunity of the individual against certain diseases and. In some cases a weak decrease of the organism or the body succumbing to the virus, the immune defense is created by supply. igne - What Is Immune? How Is It Acquired?

This is done through active and passive means of immunization. Factor in the immune system of a syringe containing the substance of the organism is given with antibody attenuated disease patient finished. In this way, overcome the disease and are immune the vaccine is acquired. Is applied in most these diseases; diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, smallpox, measles, typhoid, and tuberculosis arePassive immunity , reduced power, and efficiency, is grafted into the body germs are destroyed with heat and chemicals.Thus, short-term immunity is acquired.

Provided with immune antibody and the antigen; Antibodies with the antigen causes the production largely that combined makes him harmless; in other words, are disabled by the body’s defense system. The tasks of antibodies; neutralize toxins, destroy bacteria and body secretions to participate in features such as there are.

Essential For A Balanced Diet

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Doctors always strengthen your immunity by eating a balanced diet as they say. By taking to protect ourselves in this way, we can win the war with the bad cells in our body. As we mentioned at the beginning of the course, at the same time the innate immune hereditary trait. If immunity is weak we are in spite of everything, if you will need to use the causative substances to strengthen immunity in the doctor’s orders.

Needs To Be Done To Improve The Immune System In Children

In the winter, the kids have the flu your chances of being in closed spaces to spend time in school or more. Adult children who are weak the immune system against the diseases in order to be much more powerful immune system needs strengthening.

Frequent washing of the hands to sleep their immune systems in protecting children children regular class where they were to ventilate the indoor environment.

Holds an important place in a healthy diet, while strengthening the immune system.

Mixtures that will strengthen the immune systems of children that they can turn to the diet may be helpful at this point.

A mixture of honey and Royal Jelly, not to exceed 1 teaspoon every morning before breakfast for 3 children over the age of is extremely beneficial for giving the immune system mixed with honey.

We use thyme to add flavor to meat dishes, especially when consumed as a tea that strengthens the immune system and also prevents ailments such as bronchitis.

Ginger, turmeric and a mixture of yogurt strengthens the immune system of children.

Every day at home until fermented yogurt into 1 bowl, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1 teaspoon turmeric and add. This mixture, children who don’t like yogurt you might like.

In the face of my children’s favorite flavors are banana and yogurt. Mix or mash 1 small banana 1 cup of homemade yogurt every day and feed it to your child.

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