What Is Jellyfish? What Are The Characteristics?

What Is Jellyfish - What Is Jellyfish? What Are The Characteristics?

What Is Jellyfish? What Are The Characteristics?

4184 images - What Is Jellyfish? What Are The Characteristics?

Especially in the summer months to the sea for a swim to cool off and the people from the nightmare of jellyfish, a sea creature that has quite interesting features as features. Recent research has revealed that jellyfish of 650 million years of age. In this figure, the jellyfish puts between the world’s oldest living things.

Creatures that live in the sea, transparent structure. Jellyfish invertebrate animals between species and between shown in heart, brain, eyes, real, sequins and bone. In the absence of such organs, these creatures even more fascinating. When we examine the structure of jellyfish, these creatures of 95% water, 4% salt, %1i consists of protein. Jellyfish in the Society of the most important feature when touched to the skin to burn. Even if these marine creatures are characterized by.In the event that causes most of the jellyfish to be recognized in this way, a phenomenon that is related to the defense mechanism of the organisms. Jellyfish, and it detects as a threat against him when he touched something to himself “This is called” the cells. Jellyfish these cells leaves the skin and then these cells begin to explode. Burning properties that these cells when they start to burst, your skin begins to burn. Burning in the skin occur with a rash in that area. In some cases, show up with itching or burning.

4184 image002 - What Is Jellyfish? What Are The Characteristics?Many of the jellyfish are toxic. In fact, some species are among the most poisonous and dangerous animals in the world. Jellyfish feed on the cells and use this while protecting themselves while burning called. Thanks to critters that want to eat sea creatures that they neutralise these cells, then organisms from becoming ineffective places. Jellyfish are carnivorous mammals. These creatures don’t use a lot of skills to feed direction. Organisms floating on the sea while places in their path.Jellyfish are among the nutrients in its structure, small sea creatures, larvae, and eggs.


There are quite different types of jellyfish. Of these species, most cells while using some species for feeding and burning a defense; it is becoming different. Some jellyfish emit light from the body. These creatures live as enemies of themselves if they see the light that is emitted from the body cut off, but it continues to give light, and the tentacles separated from the body. Thus, the jellyfish, the tentacles are severed from himself and directs it to the attention of the enemy taking advantage of the opportunity, begins to move away from that area.These creatures who do not have a brain, the debate is how you do this type of behaviour. Separated from the body, the tentacles occurring again, it is quite easy for the jellyfish. Because of the regeneration capabilities of this species is quite advanced.

Jellyfish, especially for people who live in the Coastal Regions is considered to be a fearful dream, while the Far East countries, the situation is somewhat different. Japan, Korea, and people who live in countries like China, jellyfish as food consume. So, these sea creatures pies and salads are made in these countries. At the same time, jellyfish in the Aquarium are fed and cared for in this country.

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