What Is Leprosy?

leprosy - What Is Leprosy?

What Is Leprosy? How Is It Transmitted? Symptoms and treatment what are the methods?

1274 cuzzam 1 300x186 - What Is Leprosy?The first Norwegian scientist Armauer Hansen, leprosy in the year of 1876 found by keeping the skin and germs emitted by the body in this way dominating disease. For this reason it is regarded as a social disease worldwide, leprosy is water; between the community and the leprosy patients so that the patient would not be able to survive they can’t survive and living space for themselves in the record is kept is determined. According to recent records, 2605 appeared to be suffering from leprosy in our country, and their average age is described as the rate 60.5.Research of the fact that leprosy patients usually consists of families who live in rural areas.The same captain fed the same stuff and uses families who do not benefit enough from health services…

1274 cuzzam 300x189 - What Is Leprosy?Leprosy Is A Disease.
This disease hereditary is qualified to be called. The body has a natural immune system against germs the immune system against the pathogen but in some bodies this is a family situation.The only person the bearer of the disease transmission in other ways is not possible. Close contact with an infected patient and transmit the disease leprosy sufferers leprosy patients together with healthy people so that the slightest can’t live.

What Are The Symptoms Of Leprosy?
– In the body of timeless dandruff-free and non-round spots do itch from time to time and the appearance of
– Frequently recurrent epistaxis and nasal obstruction
– Pain in hand fingers and the onset of arm and leg nerves(4. and 5.) the inward bend,bending show
– The lower eyelids got into a motionless state, and closure status
– Scars on the knees and elbows
– Edema of the face formed in

1274 paraguayan presiden 787325i 1 300x193 - What Is Leprosy?Treatment Of Disease
First, the right diagnosis is very important and after diagnosis, treatment is possible.Of patients 10-20 years after diagnosis is delayed and no treatment given injuries and spills in the body begins to appear.In the treatment process is important and in the form of a combined therapy using at least 3 drugs to apply.The seamless way in a short time the disease can be treated.In the name of solving problems, and visual wounds, the patient may remain under a doctor’s supervision.

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