What Is Liposuction? How Is It Done?

liposuction 300x189 - What Is Liposuction? How Is It Done?


2153 liposuction photorsrchrs 1 300x300 - What Is Liposuction? How Is It Done?Firstly mention that liposuction is not a method preferred and recommended for slimming. By nature some people are gaining too much weight, diet, sports, and similar studies carried out weight even if una does not get rid of. Excess fat in the abdomen, waist, hips, and knees in some cases observed to be more in the accumulation of fat in an unbalanced way. The oils in the legs, much less more or vice versa gives rise to situations that affect the shapes of the image as being extreme physical basenli. The degreasing method is used for the correction of this situation. Extremely safe and simple procedure.

2153 80808 3 4 86bad 300x216 - What Is Liposuction? How Is It Done?The process practiced by plastic surgeons, an expert in degreasing method. The vacuum path is determined according to the patient’s condition with the excess fat cells are taken from the region that seeks to give the order. The oil in the area that will be taken by fat cells(increases the amount of fat cells just grows and expands) include swelling of the cell by injecting a liquid. A small inflatable cell is thrown and cuts inside to the area of the metal pipes are placed on. Pipes that are placed as you can imagine, the volume of the cells is taken and the vacuum region is reduced.As another method, the ultrasound lights are used. Used for the monitoring of pregnant women during the birth process, this method would break down the fat cells.it has been seen. Direct the ultrasound beam method with a liquid without requiring extra vakumlana is aware of the shattered cells.

2153 liposuction ameliyati 300x189 - What Is Liposuction? How Is It Done?We should all have some reminders for people who will have the surgery, the surgery lasts between 1 to 2 hours in a hospital setting, are to be released within 1 day, usually are not stitched(except in some cases) bandage being wrapped with the help of surgery scars, the pain after surgery is a serious and disturbing will be formed, and the signs and traces of the 2-6 month at the end of the entire operation is eliminated. One of the places to be oil reaches laser technology in operations. Oils such as an ultrasound beam just beam, given as the difference of the laser in the melting process, not the shredding is performed.As in all operations, the laser is also vacuuming to mention it.

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