Lyme disease was recognised for a long time, but what he did to infect humans was unknown until 1975. In 1975, in the town of Lyme in Connecticut USA, especially young people intensely in cases of arthritis were seen. Some research of this condition ticks ( Ixodes-Ricinus, Amblyomma American, I’m a monster Tick) that originated from an infected spiralket tour revealed. This disease is a spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi. The name of the USA from the town of Lyme disease is located.The causative spirochete, dogs, horses, cattle disease in cats and creates, and many wild mammals and birds are also infected, and thus these animals are a host for ticks. Microorganisms, blood-sucking ticks is transferred from one host to another. Ixodes ticks are the priority vector in the spread of the disease. Snaps to its host when the tick Lyme the tick’s mouth and from there it migrates to the factor from the digestive system passes to the host organelles.Sticks ticks transmitting the disease process in about 12 hours.In the 1980s, both the incidence of the disease reported in dogs and humans has increased dramatically. Now Lyme Borreliosis (LB) is the most common arthropod-borne disease that is accepted.


Lyme disease is a disease caused by ticks. From the moment that the risk of disease transmission the tick sticks to the skin. However, risk increases with duration of the tick stay attached. Although it is known that a low probability can be transmitted by blood transfusion. There is some debate about whether it is infected sexually, but there is no concrete evidence. Contact or infected by the virus.


Perhaps the worst part of the diagnosis of Lyme disease is quite difficult to get. The disease symptoms are confused with many other illnesses. In America, Lyme disease mimic other diseases because of “the great imposter” is referred to as.

Lyme disease skin, joints, nervous system, and leads to inflammatory diseases affecting other organ systems. Symptoms usually occurs during the first weeks of infection, but may develop within 30 days after a tick bite. In some cases, thereafter.

Early Lyme disease (early localized period) in a way that could be described as the Red ring of the bull’s eye rash (erythema migrans) is seen manifested by the typical symptom. I caught Lyme disease that develops in many patients the rash, usually seen in 1-2 weeks after exposure to the disease for 3-5 weeks, and can be lasting. When it is touched and is usually painless or may be hot kasintisiz. Lymph glands near the tick bite other symptoms that are seen in the early period of swelling, fatigue, headache, pain, joint pain, chills-chill.

Later stages of Lyme disease (the period of the early spread) usually occurs between 2 weeks and 3 months after the tick bite usually. The site of the bite away from the Red area 2 or more, severe headaches, extreme fatigue, enlarged lymph nodes, Eclipse (especially at joints and on the neck), sensitivity to light, facial paralysis, tingling in extremities, or numbness, irregular heart rhythm, 38-39°C fever, is seen in meningitis. The final stage of Lyme disease (late period) in the early stages if the disease has been detected or not can occur if not treated properly.Late-term symptoms may occur weeks or years after the bite of an infected tick at any time. Arthritis especially in the knees, generally cognitive impairment is common in adults. The most glaring changes in these patients, chronic arthritis, chronic CNS disorders, facial paralysis, partial paralysis, psychiatric disorders, extreme fatigue, sleep disorders, Attention disorganization, forgetfulness, a decline in detection performance, and acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (ACA).

LYME DISEASE IS ASSOCIATED WITH. For the diagnosis of Lyme disease by CDC is a two-step approach is proposed. All serum samples received for the diagnosis of Lyme disease IFA or EIA serological method as a first step, such as sensitive should be examined. When a value is found positive or borderline with these methods, Western blot or immunblot the standardized method should be applied. Negative, repeat testing is not recommended for the examples. However, the formation of erythema migrans in patients if you have any other symptoms you should get treatment immediately without waiting for test results.The main problem with consistently negative test results in some patients the diagnosis of Lyme, although they are available is that you’ve got the disease. Therefore, the diagnosis of Lyme disease must be placed always in the light of clinical data.


In all clinical forms of Lyme disease antibiotic treatment is applied. Antibiotic selection, dosage, and clinical appearance depends on the stage of the disease and application form.

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