What is Mesentery?

mesentery e1561363463453 - What is Mesentery?

A new organ in our digestive system has recently been discovered. The name of this organ is mesentery. Although the answer to the question of what does mesentery do is not yet found, mesentery may play a key role in the treatment of many digestive system diseases in the coming days.

So far, studies in the field of anatomy have explained that this structure is insignificant. However, the research carried out in these days explains that the mesenteric organ is an organ that connects the abdomen to the intestine.

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The mesentery is twice the peritoneum, the abdominal cavity lining that holds our internal organs together. mesentery e1561363463453 - What is Mesentery?The mesentery is part of the peritoneum that connects the intestines to the abdominal wall. Peritoneum is the tissue that scratches the abdominal wall. At the same time, the peritoneum covers and protects the organs in the stomach. Mesentery is composed of adipose tissue. In some cases mesenteric tissue may be inflamed or injured. When this happens, the small or large intestine may be affected and the person suffering from the condition may experience abdominal pain and other symptoms. Although the exact cause of scarring or inflammation, also known as sclerosing mesenteritis, is unknown, it was first recorded as a medical finding in 1924.

With the reclassification, the total number of our organs is increased to 79.

It is not clear whether mesentery, a very new organ, can be seen as a part of the intestine, vascular, endocrine, cardiovascular or immunological systems.

The effects of the mesenteric organ mesentery  - What is Mesentery?are being investigated at hematological, immunological, endocrine, metabolic and other levels. Although the functional unit of the mesentery is not known, it will appear in the following days whether it is primarily responsible for the functionality of an arched cell type.



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