What is Morton’s neuroma and how is it treated?

MORTONS NEUROMA - What is Morton's neuroma and how is it treated?

Developing on the basis of anatomical structures and use the wrong shoes of Morton’s neuroma symptoms and treatment know all the details about what we do.


Defined as a nerve that passes between the toes, Morton’s neuron, often a thickening of the nerve between the sesamoid bones 3-4. Certain areas of some regions during the foot tread while carrying less load, more load is carried. This system causes damage to some of the changes that occur in the anatomical structure. Complaints that arise as a result of this damage at the beginning of Morton’s neuroma.

Foot Morton’s neuroma which causes pain as he continued to comb, also creates a feeling of walking on a marble. Benign tumor of a nerve known as a Morton’s neuroma, the tumor can not be considered as directly. Morton’s neuroma usually 3. and 4. between the toes is observed.

morton noroma - What is Morton's neuroma and how is it treated?

Compared to men, women are 10 times more common Morton’s neuroma usually occur as a result of trauma or excessive pressure. That varies from person to person, some habits and anatomical structure is the basis of the reasons that led to the problem of Morton’s neuroma.Thumb tabs on the leg with those often observed in people with high arch or flat feet, Morton’s neuroma. Morton’s neuroma, or is one of the factors that cause and the other is high-heeled, pointed shoes.


morton noroma nedir - What is Morton's neuroma and how is it treated?

Depending on the anatomical structure of the foot 3. and 4. the nerve between the toes, the closest region to remain under pressure. People who have flat feet or a high arch, the overhang of the thumb in people with people with weight problems and higher risk of Morton’s neuroma. Load distribution of the foot causes the corruption of all these factors.Accordingly, 3. and 4. On the border between your finger and pressure do not occur.Thickening of the nerve leads to this limit, which leads to various complaints by giving false warnings.

morton noroma olusumu - What is Morton's neuroma and how is it treated?


The exact cause of Morton’s neuroma is yet unknown, although some elements of induced expression. Some anatomical defects, as well as the use of Morton’s neuroma also one of the main factors that triggered the wrong shoes.

Tapering toward the front , pointed shoes with the use of the structure of the nose is a risk factor for Morton’s neuroma. Morton’s neuroma is one of the factors that increase the risk of bounce on the hard ground repetitive movements are to be found in. These conditions will have a negative influence on the boundary and causes it to thicken.

Transverse metatarsal ligaments connecting the bones, which are called comb and is in charge of these bonds are very strong bonds. These bonds are found everywhere in the form of a roof on the border of the border while the press causes a jam by staying in a small area of thickened with

morton noroma nedenleri - What is Morton's neuroma and how is it treated?


  • Pain and burning in the front of the foot
  • Numbness in the fingers and cramping
  • Feeling uncomfortable under foot
  • Standing electrification
  • The feeling under the foot of the crash
  • A feeling of something in the foot.
  • Wearing closed shoes in the case of tightness
  • The relief that is felt in the case of removing the shoes
  • Walking felt unrest

morton noroma bulgulari - What is Morton's neuroma and how is it treated?



The diagnosis is usually made with a physical examination of Morton’s neuroma. During physical examination 3. and 4. pain aggravated with compression of the sesamoid bones.However, in case of doubt, MRI may be required for a definite diagnosis.

Morton’s neuroma treatment of a patient it is suggested to prefer the use of comfortable shoes. In addition to the changes in the selection of shoes anti-inflammatory drugs and the metatarsal pad is used. Despite all this, any positive response is received if surgical intervention is considered.

morton noroma tedavisi - What is Morton's neuroma and how is it treated?

Morton’s neuroma surgery usually does not require general anesthesia. 3 in that surgery is performed with local anesthesia. and 4. a 2-3-cm incision is made between the sesamoid bones transfers to the bond area. This cut the transverse ligament to be stabilized with the cutting of the nerve segment limit or thickened is removed.

After the surgery, patients are usually discharged the same day 1 night while being rarely may require hospitalization. It is recommended that you rest for 2 weeks after surgery. In addition, patients must wear sports shoes for 8 weeks. The patient’s full recovery process lasts an average of 8 weeks.


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