What Is Mukarnas ?

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Mukarnas or mukarnes, the carrier switching is one of the techniques of Islamic architecture and ornament. Islamic architecture is considered as one of harikuladelik this technique, which represents the symmetric form of prismatic harmony. The effect of light on geometric shapes and these shapes obtained with the three-dimensional Muqarnas giving the feeling of perception, the transition takes place in the form of magnificent monument of Islamic architecture is the mosque, which although rare as a decorative Tool, the tomb, the tomb, the Palace and the madrasas are one of the most commonly used of the architectural elements.There are various explanations for the origin of the word muqarnas. This word yakutca the ‘bulge’ as meaning ‘karnas’ claim to the output of this technique is derived from the word whether is a product of Western architecture influenced by the art of considering the Muqarnas of the term ‘in Greek koronis’ words derive from the Arabic word derived from the data collected it is observed that in accordance with the rules and regulations to.

Ottoman to this term in the dictionary, these provisions are:

Muqarnas: (. p.);

1) collision who have degrees in the form of a ladder on the ceiling, the dome.
2) which is in the form of the dome.
3) some kind of headgear.
4) Embroidered, embroidered, colorful.

Mukarnas Style

M9791 tac kapi 479531 300x202 - What Is Mukarnas ?odern architecture in the literature, which means in Greek flowing drops ‘skalaktit’ terms satisfied by Western architecture Islamic architecture that distinguishes this technique from one of the most specific techniques. There are different explanations for its origin. Go the hell of the first examples in Egypt and from there spread to Central Asia, has stated that it is. As basis for this in the mosque Caymis dated 1085 (Bedr el-Gamal Mashhad), suggested techniques used in minaret. Akmer on the front of the mosque in the same town, Apr fill in and the techniques it is possible to see the structure of the Muqarnas in the corner.According to another view, the source of muqarnas technique is Iran. Need Muqarnas Muqarnas is rich in terms of technique and the presence of building materials suitable for the oldest and most magnificent examples of the styles of today was born here supports the notion that the technique here is to be located. Iran, Isfahan, nishapur were also compared examples of this technique are preferred towards travel widely even today in cities such as. In this case, the technique indicates that one of the characteristics of the geography of Muqarnas.

Mukarna you first use the external architecture of the mausoleum in the north of Iran with Iraq’s capital Lachin mazenderan dated 1022, which is a city north of Baghdad, the imam of the muqarnas dome in the tomb may be the oldest example samerra stop suggested.
Muslim architects which are the best examples of muqarnas forms of commitment with an endless passion, a subtle intelligence, as well as works of infinite patience. This is one of the reasons they are an extremely fascinating and admirable. Muqarnas technique that improves over time with the unlimited possibilities of geometry and Mathematics in the Muslim architects, the altars of the venue from the entrance of the mosque, column headings, crown, door, cheers, the cornice of the pulpit, with the transition elements and the pendant of the dome tromp, private and public spaces of the niches used in a fairly large area to be decorated.Mukarnas technique in geometrical forms as a whole, ‘Muqarnas’ into constituent parts expressed in the form of ‘external, tassel, PES, nervous, almonds, wing, slash, pah…’ have been given names such as. Mukarnas technique, some technique has emerged as depicted in Islamic architecture the birth of an aesthetic obstacle. In Islam, in Christianity, the lack of icons like the lack of abstraction as a technique of a much deeper aesthetic value and was corrected with pasta.Muqarnas structure, in particular the sensation of the mystical and the magical atmosphere of Christian architecture in the holy place in the Islamic world that gave birth to the equivalent of the influence. Considering the esoteric world of the Islamic society in addition to a glass of muqarnas decoration and aesthetic technique being a tool that it provides luminous color harmony, and three-dimensional perception of the abstract world serves as a doorway to creating. Magical mukarnas they serve a purpose in many buildings, and people believed to protect against evil influence it was believed to possess.One of the main reasons for the use at the entrance of the mosque’s protectiveness belief. Again, the classic mihrab in Mosque architecture is one of the indispensable parts mukarnas why in that way, it is believed that the effect of this opening up to the spiritual world.

Mukarnas technique Andalusian palaces from the furthest corners of Central Asia until the main building is one of the elements of Islamic architecture is extremely wide geographical area. There are many reasons for this prevalence. As mentioned at the beginning of these reasons, aesthetic, religious and mystical factors of this technique is the carving as well as stone, tile, wood, brick, such as that can be done with many different construction materials.Mukarnas technique or style, construction technique and rich creativity of the transition of functionality in return as the next character to buildings where it is used with features provided by lending.

Muqarnas technique, aroused admiration in Buddhism, the mandala provided by the abstract feelings and reminds. Mandalas and geometric forms just like the muqarnas symmetry that creates a light-shadow impression, it gives a meditative harmony. China and its compliance in terms of sparkling colors, the combination gives the people a place of peace, awe and a deep mukarnas. The architecture of the religious space in this context we are faced with an abundance of Islamic architecture in terms of the technical. Such a noble and a cornerstone technique-unfortunately the number of indigenous research done about the muqarnas style is extremely limited.


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