What is myopia and how does it occur?

MYOPIA - What is myopia and how does it occur?

Hyperopia and astigmatism have eye defects such as myopia which vision problems. Myopia know all the details about what we do.



The myopic lens of refracted light in yellow on the point of falling occurring as a result of nearsightedness is the problem. Eye defects such as astigmatism and hyperopia, which havemyopia, while providing clear vision at close distances in the distance to see restricts. Vision of distant objects in front of the center of the reflected light fell and causes them to appear blurry.

The myopia of the eyeball any longer than necessary in the diameter of the front and rear of the lens to be certain beyond the borders of the curve does not decrease. Myopic genetic factors that are effective in the age of the growth of the child continues to advance. In conjunction with the completion of the growth of the child in duraganlasan short-sighted glasses and lenses in the treatment of is applied.

People are forced to work in close proximity easily while away the objects and reading the articles. For this reason, the remote sign in people with myopia in reading, reading the posts and traffic signs in cases such as choosing on the school board, they observed kistik eyes are constantly enforcing. For this reason, people with myopia to use glasses is quite important.

Myopia genetic factors play an important role, usually in children between the ages of 8-14are noticed. Those with jobs that require close attention by profession, very stylish, and long-term those who read the book, watchmakers and Jewelers, which is one of the most common eye defects myopia, in direct proportion to advancing age.

Myopia a person’s eyes continually to the rest that requires close attention if you are working in a job, it is quite important to not necessarily use the glasses. Otherwise, his performance in close proximity the eye muscles will be forced to walk away. However, consult your doctor and after the doctor’s examination prior to the use of glasses in accordance with the prescription gave should be used. After the doctor’s examination, the degree will give you the necessary information about the use of the glasses according to the necessity.


miyop cesitleri - What is myopia and how does it occur?



Simple Myopia : myopic is one of the most common types. Of environmental and genetic factors is quite effective in that species the myopic, often in close proximity to deal with matters that require attention, causes the progression of myopia.

Night myopia : day by day quality of vision is quite good, depending on the degree and intensity of light at night varies. Night myopia types myopic common in the very young and elderly, especially during night driving quite dangerous. For this reason, goggles should be used while driving at night necessarily.

A liar Myopia : spasm in the eye muscles that occur due to a vision problem.

Axial myopia : due to the increase in the diameter of the front and rear of the eye, occurring short-sighted.

Secondary Myopia : myopia is occurring in various health problems and medications causes the formation of lens structure due to disorder.

gece miyopisi  - What is myopia and how does it occur?


Research, education, and intelligence level in conjunction with an increase in the problem of the increase in myopia observed. Interested in the jobs myopia in reading and writing for a long time the possibility of occurrence is quite high. In close proximity is one of the most important factors that triggers miyopu work.

If it is necessary to evaluate the medical aspects of the causes of myopia, the refractive power of the lens of the eye are higher and longer than normal from front to back to be one of the factors that lead to the formation of miyopu. Myopia is one of the factors that cause changes in the length of the eye axis and the other occurring in.

In non-structural factors as the role of environmental and genetic factors also plays an important role. A common condition of myopia in children of myopic parents are more at risk.Various diseases and medications can also at the same time triggers the formation of myopia. As in all diseases, myopia is an effective stress also plays a role. Stress, fatigue, and myopia because your eye muscles don’t overexert a liar.

miyop nedenleri - What is myopia and how does it occur?


People who have close to the problem of myopia see quite clearly while distant vision is very difficult. People are constantly feels the need to squinting. Watching TV or lean forward especially when you are looking at a distant object, and keep your eyes down.In behavior that occurs as a reflex of a person gives you a hint about how this might be myopia.

Constantly focusing to a close distance and the myopic eye causes referred headache in the person. At close range the person who obtained the opinion a very high quality, looking away, eye muscle strain yourself and in your head you feel any pain in your eyes due to.



One of the most preferred and recommended treatment methods is the use of glasses.Therefore, prevent the progression of myopia, the eye muscles less poop and, most importantly, to obtain the opinion of a quality goggles.

Your glasses and the other is one of the methods commonly used as well as the use of lens.Very high quality lenses with high oxygen permeability especially in the last period of the views. However, the most important factor to consider in this regard is to provide, in accordance with a doctor’s prescription eyewear. Firstly, you must do the necessary examination and contact a specialist.

In the use of glasses and lenses every 6 months, the doctor controls you should try again.Your eye number may be subject to change. Change often, especially in the degree of myopia in children in the age range of 9-12 is observed. Therefore, repetition of the examination the use of glasses is very important.

In recent times one of the treatment methods demand increases, the laser operationto stop.Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism used in the treatment of eye defects such as laser method of vision correction of eye defects by providing quality improves. Laser after surgery, the patient does not require the use of glasses and lenses.

However, for the operation of the laser it is not enough to be over the age of 18. To be appropriate for the realization of the structure of the eye the laser operation is very important.Corneal thickness, corneal shape, and eye problems such as inflammation are not present, the laser operation is not performed. At the same time, the application of laser operation is not recommended for pregnant women and people with diabetes.

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