What Is Nerve Compression?

What Is Nerve Compression - What Is Nerve Compression?

What are the symptoms of nerve compression? What are the methods of treatment applied in nerve compression?

What Is Nerve Compression?

Nerves, bone, cartilage, and tissues that occur as a result of excessive compression such as by Nov tenton disorder. That allows us to act as necessary to limit the alerts to be transmitted to the muscles of the brain and spinal cord. The motion of the boundary to be, as well as is responsible for the transmission of the senses. In normal cases, leg, arm, hand, and feet movements is to do it perfectly, but in some cases a compression of the nerves, so in the case of the boundary jams.

Nerve compression can occur in any region of the body. Nerve compression in wrist and elbow areas and usually consists. This situation shows itself in many ways. Usually nerve compression that occurs in every region of the body usually shows it in different ways, but common symptoms sometimes overall similarities in every region. These symptoms has a negative impact on the person. It is necessary to treat nerve compression. If untreated can progress. At the same time may cause different diseases.


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Symptoms Of Nerve Compression

Nerve compression is a condition that can be seen in every part of the body. Therefore, may give different symptoms in each region, but there are some general symptoms of nerve compression. Of these symptoms is observed in all regions. Usually numbness in the area of nerve compression, pain, numbness are seen in conditions such as.

Nerve compression in the spinal cord, coughing, and sneezing are due to an increase in pain is experienced often heard. In the area, tingling, pinprick feeling. Muscle weakness is a condition that occurs often. At the same time nerve compression in the hands and feet to act in the difficulty.


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  • Numbness
  • Sensory loss
  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Pinprick sensation
  • Muscle weakness and twitching
  • Movement difficulties in the hands and feet


Nerve Compression Causes?

Nerve entrapment, consists of for many reasons. The first reason is known as genetics. More common in people with nerve compression problems in the family. As a result of excessive nerve compression load carrying is observed. In some professions people are forced to carry heavy loads. Usually nerve compression is a common complication of these individuals.Sports also are among the situations that cause nerve compression also heavy.


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Some movements in this sport and the received pulses nerve compression factor. Being overweight is a condition that disrupts the structure of the body. The severity of nerve compression of the body also causes this condition. Excessive stress in people is frequently observed. Stress, one of the largest factors that cause nerve compression. In people with osteoarthritis there is nerve compression. Poor posture is also associated with this disease.

  • Genetic
  • Carry a heavy load
  • Obesity
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Sports activities
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Computer use


Nerve Compression Therapy

Nerve compression is a treatable disease. People with symptoms should consult a doctor of nerve compression. In this case, it is important that in the region of the nerve. Of the body treated according to the area of nerve compression is applied.


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The doctor first investigate the cause, starting the treatment process. As with any disease, it is important that this condition also cause disease. So, the cause is determined and treated is applied. Nerve compression in the patient needs to rest. Stay away from situations that cause pain and numbness that is experienced with nerve compression is recommended.Therefore, rest is important. At the onset of the jam or tape are applied to Antel. The introduction of physical therapy after a rest period.


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The pressure on the nerves, the physical therapy method should be applied. This condition of the muscles, provides relaxation. At the same time hampers the progress of disease by providing stretching and strengthening. Physical therapy as well as drug therapy are frequently applied also. Usually, ainjections of analgesics and corticosteroids are used. Pain and other symptoms that are experienced following the use of these drugs are eliminated. If it is not enough to pass this disease is physical therapy and drug therapy, surgical intervention is implemented. This condition determined by a doctor and the surgery is performed. Surgery on the cause of nerve compression, the size varies according to the region.


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