What is neuralgia and how is it treated?

WHAT IS NEURALGIA - What is neuralgia and how is it treated?

Which cause sudden and severe pain of neuralgia symptoms, causes and treatment know all the details about what we find.


Neuralgia, nerve pain is the meaning of the word. Many parts of the body usually in the region of nerve pain in the face and head may occur. The reason known the neuralgianeuralgia primary or basic are called; neuralgia of unknown origin , or secondary to, auto or neuralgia is called.

Arise as a result of the injury of the nerves for any reason. As a result of nerve damage to the brain will transfer the wrong information. Continuous transfer of repetitive false information to the nerves and the brain, sudden and severe pain occur. Continuous and repetitive due to the varying types of pain, the patient is forced to describe this condition.

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Neuralgia pain are quite severe. Sudden and recurrent pain; a bolt of lightning into the blade, like needles, but permanent, burning and freezing , such as is expressed by phrases. Pain is often an unbearable way, lasted for more than a few seconds, suddenly lost Dec and Dec a repetitive nature. Neuralgia an extremely sharp pain. Even the slightest contact can cause you to feel severe pain especially during certain periods hassaslasara.The pain coughing, sneezing, or by triggering spasms may cause sudden pain or during eating.

Neuralgia is more frequent in women as compared to men. Usually in the age range 50-70 , seen neuralgia may occur in any part of the nervous system as a consequence of the disease. But usually the exact cause of the pain is unknown.


Damage occurs as a result of neuralgia of the nerves for any reason. Damaged or injured nerves sending the wrong message to the brain and can cause severe sharp pain. The nerve damage to nerves, vascular structures in the neighbourhood among the causes of neuralgia are engaged in structural defects and discrepancies.

Neuralgia in the formation of the structural causes for environmental reasons as it is effective. Any condition that affects the nervous system causing neuropathic pain. Nerve injury injury to brain vessels, spinal cord injury, shingles, MS, diabetes, and tumorsamong various health problems such as musculoskeletal reasons.

The causes of neuralgia are generally classified into two groups. First, while common causes are called constructive; the second, referred to as a ” constructive regional causes.

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Common Causes Constructive

  • Syphilis
  • Malaria
  • Flu
  • Typhoid
  • Paratyphoid
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Rheumatism
  • Weakness
  • Neurasthenia

Constructive Regional Causes

  • Freezing
  • Cold
  • Jam
  • Crush
  • The impact of the border by a foreign body, or to startle
  • Ur
  • Aneurysm
  • Ill-placed to cast
  • The displacement of the broken bone

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Neuralgia is defined as severe and sudden pain. The pain suddenly disappeared for a few minutes or a few seconds or repeating Dec Dec in the form of seizures will occur. However, the patient between the two seizures he feels good about himself. Motion, fatigue, regional pressure, cough, hiccup, and yawn in such cases the pain may occur suddenly.

The other distinctive feature is that sudden and severe pain of neuralgia. The pain can occur in a spontaneous manner as a result of factors such as the stimulation of trigger can be seen.Therefore, the pain and at what level of intensity would be seen to predict that is unlikely.

While patients usually describe the pain; electric shock, knife stabbing, burning, stinging, tingling, freezing and phrases such as describes. The pain is felt is usually very brief and quite quick as lightning.

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Painkillers that are used in the treatment of neuralgia does not benefit much in daily life.Therefore special painkillers used in the treatment of neuralgia. However, these painkillers are to be used under the supervision of a doctor is recommended.

The important element in the patient’s treatment to adhere to treatment. Regular use of medications without doctor’s approval and in accordance to the prescription of drugs or dosage reduction should include initiatives such as upgrade.

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There are various methods to treat neuralgia. At the beginning of this physical therapypractice. Heat treatment, ultrasonic treatment or treatment methods such as galvonoterapi is one of the options. Physical therapy as well as various drug treatments are applied.Analgesic injections, analgesic ointment applied vitamin B1 and some of them are regional.Surgical intervention is the last treatment applied. Surgical interventions or the removal of a section cut with the nerves that cause pain.


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