What Is Peter Pan Syndrome?

What Is Peter Pan Syndrome - What Is Peter Pan Syndrome?

Peter Pan syndrome, a psychological disease. This disease is more common in men. Peter Pan syndrome is a condition that needs to be taken seriously and treated.

What Is Peter Pan Syndrome?

Peter Pan syndrome, the person of mature age who acts like a child even though the living situation of a person represents socially. At the same time, is a syndrome where children live in fear of growth. Peter Pan syndrome, a behavioral disorder. This syndrome is a very serious and important disease. Psikolojik disease more often men than women live.

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It is seen in the most mature age of this syndrome. Peter Pan syndrome occur for a variety of reasons. This syndrome usually arises due to the authority gap in the family. In children this syndrome usually experienced raised from responsibility.

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People by failing to fight in the face of difficulties which will live when they grow up Want to go back to our childhood. Bu experienced because of Peter Pan syndrome. This is a disease, a psychological disorder. Taken under control and so should be treated. To struggle against the difficulties of life and to sustain the life of the person must be treated.

What Are The Causes Of Peter Pan Syndrome?

Adolescence between the ages of 10-15: sealing itself against the outside world because of intense anxiety condition.

The period of youth between the ages of 16-22: excessive self-esteem, don’t be rude to the outside world.

Mature young between the ages of 23-25 period: a general state of unhappiness and demotivation live.

Young adulthood between the ages of 26-30: a serious crisis with the increase of social responsibilities of a state, a state of life.

Between the ages of 30-45 adult period: the period of yourself by making childish living in the situation of a serious depression.

From the age of 45: infantile and childhood despair, the longing for the state of no longer becoming a significant problem.

What Are The Symptoms Of Peter Pan Syndrome?

  • Weakness of the will
  • Breaking promises
  • Don’t pay excessive attention to appearance
  • Lack of confidence
  • Don’t get overly confident

What Are The Causes Of Peter Pan Syndrome?

Peter Pan syndrome there are a variety of reasons. The cause of this syndrome is based on the childhood generally. Many factors and situations that are a cause of this syndrome occurred in childhood. Which is usually void of authority in family structures is more common in children. This situation is a big factor. Children who grow up in childhood without the responsibilities is a big factor to be seen.

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In addition, see any restrictions free for children that are left to live alone and are causing extreme Peter Pan syndrome. Children take responsibility in challenging and difficult times in life, adolescence or adulthood, they don’t want to. Instead of fighting they want to return to old childhood. In this case, non-normal levels arise as a result.

Peter Pan Syndrome Can Be Prevented?

Peter Pan syndrome, behavior occur due to families and family structure. Of individuals personality and character control. Family is the most important factor in family structure and layout Peter Pan syndrome. Precocious children are often extremely comfortable and free in this syndrome, the person is preventing an individual. People even hampers the ability to make decisions and to take responsibility. These individuals to sustain life in the future more difficult.

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For this reason Peter Pan syndrome should be avoided. Families in this situation should ensure an individual’s progress towards becoming change and shape the behavior of children. Parents must accept that their adult children is an individual. Notice must be provided to responsibility and duty. His wife as the mother, overly protective and preservative should be. People must not behave like children by taking their wives on their responsibilities.

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People with the wives of bir individual must act in a manner that will make you feel that you are. The changes would give the responsibilities of the family and child by providing the child become an individual to prevent this situation helps. Peter Pan syndrome for the Prevention of treatment should be initiated within the first family. Referring families to specialists, to treat this condition should help. You should begin the first of the Qualified Person investigate the causes of Syndrome and treatment.

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