What is Primal Diet?

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The primal diet, also known as the primitive diet, is based on the work tarafından The Primal Blueprint “, first performed in 2009 by Mark Sisson. This diet; only the first food consumed by our ancestors. The primal diet focuses on eating more protein, natural fat and plenty of vegetables. If possible, food should be eaten in its most natural form. For example, raw milk is preferred to processed or pasteurized milk. Organic foods should be preferred when available.

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Primal Diet and Paleo Diet

Primal and paleo diet have similarities, but there are also distinct differences. Primal diet promotes the consumption of raw, full-fat milk as a healthy source of fat, while the paleo diet restricts the milk and warns to consume buttery vegetables. Primal diet allows the consumption of coffee, paleo diet in the coffee limits.

Foods to Avoid in a Primal Diet

Simply put, the foods that our first ancestors cannot access while avoiding primal diet should be avoided. This clearly eliminates processed foods such as potato chips. However, they both eliminate food such as wheat and corn, which have been introduced over the last 100,000 years. Other foods to avoid include whole grains including wheat, soybeans, peanuts, natural sugars such as alcohol, honey or maple syrup, sugars, processed foods and refined vegetable oils. Most of the foodstuffs in supermarkets contain substances that are processed or unexpectedly added. Therefore, it is generally useful to prepare and cook most of the food at home. The aim of this diet is to avoid food that our first ancestors did not eat. This diet includes modern processed foods, cereals such as wheat and corn.

Edible Foods in Primal Diet

14921 primal die 300x129 - What is Primal Diet?While the above diet may seem like a restrictive, there are many wonderful foods to eat. These are complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw or fermented milk, cheese, pure maple syrup, raw honey, meat, fish, starch tubers, wild rice and quinoa. Organic foods such as fruits, vegetables and eggs are generally preferred. It should be fed with any meat or herbs and should not contain both antibiotics and hormones as much as possible. In the primitive diet, various types of meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and complex carbohydrates can be consumed.

Pros and Cons of Primal Diet

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As with many diets, primal diet also has pros and cons. This diet may increase the overall health and nutrient intake as it prioritizes natural and quality foods. There is the possibility of losing more weight without calorie counting. The biggest cons of this diet is that they are expensive and inconvenient.
Buying organic, high-quality food is not always cost-effective, which makes it less accessible for some individuals. Some foods are more suitable in terms of cost than foods such as potatoes, legumes and pasta. Removing these foods from your menu while dieting can make the grocery shopping for some people and families very expensive. It is also inconvenient that some produce food from scratch rather than processed food.
Another possible aspect of the primitive diet is the promotion of saturated fat consumption. This high saturated fat intake leads to higher cholesterol levels, can also increase LDL cholesterol in particular. According to the research; The guide of the diet was determined to be 10 percent or less of total calories for saturated fat consumption. So the American Heart Association recommends this diet less. Because only 5-6 percent of the daily calories should come from saturated fat says. To sum up, the primary benefits of a primitive diet are to help maintain overall health and lose weight. This is because some cons of the diet can increase expensive and saturated fat consumption.

Who Can Benefit From Primal Diet?

Almost everyone can benefit from this basic diet because they agree to eat natural, quality foods. However, there are individuals who can benefit the most. We can list them as follows:
People with diabetes : It is an excellent option for those who need vegetative weight, zero sugar added foods, simple carbohydrates and refined sugar.
Individuals with food allergies, such as those suffering from celiac disease or those allergic to peanuts: It is usually easier to reduce or eliminate processed foods with a higher risk of cross-contamination if there is any type of food allergy.
Those who want a healthier diet: People who want to eat healthier and healthier – especially fruits and vegetables can benefit from primal nutrition by taking their diet.
In short, primal diet is healthy for almost everyone. Those who can benefit most are those who have diabetes or celiac disease and want to eat a healthy diet.

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14921 primal 300x192 - What is Primal Diet?There are many sites online that provide some primal diet and recipes for those who first want to start this diet . If you take a look at some of these, you can try curry soup with coconut, beef stew and beet green with sesame.
Primitive diet is considered a lifestyle by some, rather than a diet. Unlike many fashion diets designed to help people lose weight, they need to be sustainable in the long term. If you adhere to the primitive diet, you’ll probably eat better, resulting in a safe, more natural way and direct weight loss. It will be useful in maintaining overall health throughout life through healthy ingredients.


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