What Is Pumice?

ponza tasi nedir na ponza 300x233 - What Is Pumice?

ponza tasi nedir na ponza 300x233 - What Is Pumice?Pumice stone is known as a stone used in ancient Greece. However, the first output is found in America in the 1800s. Production in Turkey began in the 1900s.
Pumice stones can be all manner and the cost is very low. On most of the lava occurs. Lightweight lens. The heel stone, pumice with names such as can be seen.
Most are produced in America. More insulation purposes is used. It is used in pots for decorative purposes. Apart from these, the eraser, the stoning of pants, exfoliating products, liquid soaps, used in making rubber. However, most personal care. Purification or cleansing of the skin of dead skin are used in processes for Nasser.

Peeling Is Done How?

Most heels because it is available to the formation of hardness used in the care of the foot. Then the use of elbows is very common.
In the first step the region in warm water soaked for 5 minutes and peeling to be done should be softened. Foot care to be made if a basin can be used. If maintenance has to be performed to other areas after shower is the best time. The body is softened sufficiently after a shower.
When young and tender skin thoroughly wetted pumice stone after. Peeling skin is wet and smooth to avoid irritation it is important that the stone for.
The area to be cleared gently scrubbed in a circular motion. This process is continued until you are sure that the area is cleared.
Rinse and repeat of dead skin is not removed from the region that is viewed, if the process is performed again.
After the process is finished, the skin should be dried thoroughly from the back and the moisturizer should be applied.

Other Uses

-Can be used by the stone for ingrown hairs applying it up and down.
-Used in removing small stains on clothing.
-Used for Toilet cleaning. However, the stone cleaning and stone cleansing the skin must be different.

Cleaned Pumice Stones

Stone rinsed after use. When brushed with a toothbrush led to a more efficient outcome than an unused durulanir. The stone should be dried totally. For bacteria to breed must be taken to ensure that it is absolutely dry.
Pumice stone can be cleaned by boiling. By throwing a stone into the boiling water for 5 minutes left and then should be dried thoroughly.

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