what is Somatoform Disorder

hastalik hastasi - what is Somatoform Disorder

That is based on the psychological situation of physical pain that cannot be explained medically is a health problem.


Common psychological disorders somatoform pain for no apparent reason. feel sick constantly and one’s self resides in the various complaints, however, any diagnosis reached as a result of all the examinations and tests that cannot be classified as a psychological disorder. Briefly the psychological conflicts that lies in the subconscious of this person“bedenlestirilm to be considered.

Somatization disorder 19.century French physician Paul Briquet described clinically for the first time by. However, in the early years “Brique Syndrome” as it was named. Although it covers many of the symptoms seen in person areas, all as a result of any examinations and tests diagnosis cannot be reached.

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In patients with neurological, dermatological and gastrointestinal tract complaints, including covering many areas observed. People resort to various doctors to get any results not corresponding for long years. In their bodies that feel pain, numbness or tingling, often in the face of situations such as they resort to several doctors. These people convince themselves that they are sick with the failure of any doctors who run into health problems to blame.In some cases, the patient tries to be his own doctor, and the hearsay information refers to the various treatment methods.

As a result of this the common complaints in people with any health problems were found in this case, although a person cannot be regarded as the product of imagination. The most important point to be considered is people really bulunabileceg of physical pain. However, this in the face of pain based on the pain the only reason you can’t identify any psychological factors. Therefore, these individuals physical troubles, as well as spiritually, we can say that experienced serious difficulties in.

somatoform bozukluk hastalari - what is Somatoform Disorder

Stress, which is seen as the underlying cause of many diseases, in some cases, the person’s immune system causes it to drop as it may cause degradation of physically. In these cases, people headaches, stomach aches, tensions in Nov and organs can be observed. However, somatoform disease in people with this condition is the effect of the psychological condition of the person with a serious illness, he has made himself believe that it lasts longer.

Somatoform disorder of every 100 people 12% is seen. May cover only a portion of a person’s life as a Somatoform disorder may continue throughout life. Somatoform disorder as compared to men is a condition more common in women. Somatoform disorder, depression and fear disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in Germany.

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  • Conditions such as abdominal pain and headache don’t think that is a sign of severe disease
  • Don’t make unnecessary tests and examinations
  • Stress-related fatigue, abnormal vision
  • Feel normal body functions, more severe
  • As a result of the conducted analyses, corresponding to the absence of any problems, don’t blame the failure of a doctor
  • Yourself constantly , “what disease do you have?” and “am I sick?” don’t ask questions in the form
  • Yourself constantly listening

hastalik hastasi - what is Somatoform Disorder


A trigger for somatoform disorders varies from person to person. Somatoform disorder plays a role in the causation of many elements. However, somatoform disorder, is considered as the interaction of elements that have for many years.

Somatoform disorder abnormally algilan people who are familiar with the normal functioning of the body, constantly “there is a sickness in me?”, “this is a sign of a disease?” they question themselves in shape. The intense stress at the beginning of this question, there might be negative and distressing situations. Remember, many diseases diseases like stress might be the trigger point may cause a person to feel tired or sick of himself as independent.

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Considered normal or a result of various factors, stress, rapid heartbeat, stomach pain, headache, or stomach pain by people with somatoform disorder perceived as an abnormal condition. This medical conditions somatoform disorder in people who see it as a symptom of serious health problems are diagnosed.

To convince yourself that the person is a serious health problem in itself undertaken in conjunction with the doctors who they begin to bulgulaya fell out as a result of any blame.Therefore, only a doctor instead of going to the doctors again and again to the same or different branch to go.

Somatoform disorders are among the causes of a lot of yourself to another person is to listen. Constantly listening to your body could be harmed and the many activities with the idea that it belongs to; the observable. Considering all of these factors, this situation may significantly limit the need of a person’s daily living.

somatoform  - what is Somatoform Disorder


Somatoform disorder psychotherapy is the main treatment method in the face of the problem proposed. Applied psychotherapy with a patient support is provided that is physically uncomfortable about how to deal with.

The doctor may apply the medication and patient monitoring as may deem repeatedly by the same doctor is very important. Constantly go to the doctor and the patient don’t do unnecessary tests to avoid situations such as the trial of various treatment methods on your own should be provided.

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The symptoms of somatoform disorder May this situation continue for many years or significantly restrict the patient’s social and private life thereafter. Therefore, the patient’s an experienced expert and observed by the psychiatrist is very important. People who have somatoform disorder are rarely seen to heal on their own otherwise.


Located in our news, written and compiled from different sources of visual content to be created, a letter of suggestions and information. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor.

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