What Is Stonehenge?

avenue t - What Is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge, the world’s oldest and still managed to survive until the present day the works are among also the fact that its popularity is known to increase with every passing day. Situated between prehistoric artifacts, Stonehenge, a member of the European Union within the borders of the United Kingdom, England, Wiltshire area. Neolithic and Bronze Age period this work is taking place between the works of the world’s most valuable tourists, has attracted the intense interest 10. Stonehenge a monument to Turkish if it is to be referred to as; ”the hanging stone” means.Located on the territory of England and the United Kingdom, Stonehenge is one of the most valuable monuments of the region. The United Kingdom has an ancient history of the lands that are recompensed with this work. Stonehenge is a series of stone has been designed with the earth in the air above the group taking place. Each of the stones is the height of 4.1 m. Set among the oldest monuments in the world, Stonehenge archaeologists in the research question, the work in BC. Estimate that is made between 3000 and 2000.Radio carbon dating has shown the age of the stones but then the first blue BC. Uzandig 2400 and 2200 years.

BEH Stonhenge 0174 2013 300x200 - What Is Stonehenge?irlesik situated among the most valuable works of the territory of the kingdom, Stonehenge of Britain, a cultural icon. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in 1882 and officially named it was agreed that. With this date the legal protection, which is under Stonehenge, in 1986, he has managed to attract the attention of UNESCO. Together with the entry on UNESCO’s radar, which is becoming more and more popular Stonehenge has been visited by tourists. UNESCO, Stonehenge has been officially included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986.Stonehenge, England’s heritage is protected and elevated to the status of as private.

The monument in question, mankind BC. The history of astronomy has revealed that as far away as 3000 years. The Tropic of cancer which was built by taking into account of Stonehenge, the prehistoric ages that belonged to space Sciences of interest to mankind revealed. The work in question as of today stands a stone hanging in the air in the air full 17. In addition, succumb to gravity has dropped to 13 stone. D among the most prominent monuments located in the United Kingdom, Stonehenge has become more and more popular over the last 10 years.The principal purpose of each space Sciences building estimated to be in a relationship with, although it was also the region that was used as a tomb it has emerged. As a result of the excavations, the bones and remains that have been found to belong to the prehistoric people were found. This is also the mystery of the region in question and the structure to improve further is good enough. As a result of this research, it was observed that visits to the region increased to a considerable extent. Those who want to reach the region can reach the capital city of England and the United Kingdom are using London.Just 125km a distance of Stonehenge to London, rent a car with 80dk it is possible to achieve in a period.

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