What Is Success?

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‘What Is Success?’ Reply To Question 3 From 3 Successful Entrepreneurs

Whether in business or in private life, whether the purpose of almost everyone ‘successful people’. To be able to achieve success and almost everyone has their own plan.

What ‘success’? Satisfactory answers to most of these questions, from people that met with success he thinks we can get, we do give heed to the Word of and 3 successful entrepreneurs.

645092ffc017b83988d4c19265b7bf70188a186e - What Is Success?

Thomas J. Watson: to be determined!

Between the years 1914-1956 working as CEO at IBM, Watson, at the same time, IBM Global-giant that is brought into a company.

“Failures are the steps that leads us to success. We just we can learn something from them.”

“Would you like to give you the formula for success? It’s very simple: double your rate of failure! Still, here you see failure as the opposite of success. But actually, it’s not! You can leave your failure or you can learn a lot from him. The choice is yours. But in my opinion continue to fail and make mistakes. Because where success can be found, however, in this way you can learn.”

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Steve Jobs: be curious and creative!

Steve Jobs, with his friends, separated from the school for the shareholders of Apple and the company also fired from Apple in the name of her company at a time when things went bad!

But undaunted and in the process, the next Qur Jobs, Apple’s CEO again and sat in the Chair next pick the most ridiculous products ever produced for the iPad, iPhone and iPod with the introduction of products such as the company made it into a global powerhouse.

“Maybe getting fired from Apple was the best thing that ever happened to me. I replaced it with the heaviness of being successful the lightness of being a beginner and this was the reason I got into one of the most creative periods of my life.”

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Bill Gates: quit complaining!

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates, a name we come across regularly in the list of the world’s richest. But in spite of this, he’s constantly looking for new opportunities, and there’s not any limit to put to him!

What is ExoSkeleton ?

For example, by purchasing 25,000 acres within the boundaries of Arizona, is planning to build the cities of the future here. Free public Wi-Fi, Autonomous vehicles, futuristic and modern cities of the future would consist of many details of the city, which means that you will create a model for.

“If I was belirtsey that there is a finish line, I passed it years ago, do you think?”

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