What Is Supervision?

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The therapy process, therapists must put aside their own identities in the process. An objective to establish a relationship with clients are required. However, it is not as easy as it seems to establish this relationship.

USupervisiontime, becoming a consultant and even they spend a long preparation process, a broad education in childhood trauma of their personal experiences, prejudices, in short, the IDs may make it hard for him to cross the threshold. In such cases, to prevent the negative influence of the therapy therapists, counseling from a more experienced therapist to remain objective in order to achieve support themselves throughout the duration of receive. This process is defined as supervision.Which can be mixed with intervizyon supervision peer supervision, the supervisor also evaluated the similarities even at the point of inter separated with certainty from the vision is a process.

So, this way of defining sustainable supervision: D”an experienced therapist is self-treatment situations that may occur with less experienced therapist

– Keep the area under surveillance,

– Supervise,

– Supervise,

– To support.”

Supervision another way to say if

– Supervision, experienced the quality of advice and competence of their advisers, more experienced evaluation of what this service has to offer by advisors.

– Supervision, training of counselors for their use in field in the info field in a competent manner an experienced Counselor (supervisor) mounting by the advisor to be of good quality and made to stay the objective of the course is to be controlled.
A long and difficult way to become proficient in the profession of a consultant. In this way, the therapist as a consultant, not as a client should be able to walk when appropriate. From here, on the basis of the client supervision, counseling and therapy to help the process, the entry is a very important Critical Control Point. Overall, this is super important to talk about the benefits of vision for a more detailed understanding of the work required.

Benefits Of Footage

– Under the guidance of someone with more experience than yourself who the expert is, the more secure it feels.
– Facilitated the formulation and implementation of the ethical rules of Psychology.
– Revise their knowledge and skills the consultant, as necessary, may revise the situation.
– Working within the process itself, it turns into guidance and training process, the information better to absorb.
– The consultant, the client’s problem and show your emotions to disrupt the balance of when to perform a transfer process, the supervisor (parent auditor), the advisor of the withdrawal and create awareness by setting up the balance again.
– Thanks to the supervision, who observe the process yourself through this process to the consultant, client-consultant relationship that is similar to become aware of their own feelings by taking a cruise.

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