What Is The Art Of Kintsugi ?

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What Is The Art Of Kintsugi ?

11669 4 - What Is The Art Of Kintsugi ?In recent years, a lot of popular art magazines art kintsugi, which is one of the varieties followed by self in a very deep and philosophical background. Kintsugi art the Japanese culture for as long as necessary to describe from a recipe will be waiting for us. Beyond being a meditative and philosophical kintsugi is an art because only objects that gives shape to meaning and content.
The emergence of kintsugi 15. Century Japan is based on. According to legend, the precious porcelain of the Palace of the Emperor of Japan to China for repair could not lose them when stuff is broken because it sends. This stuff is regarded as ordinary metal in China, seeing that has been repaired with iron wire, this stuff lays the foundation of the art of kintsugi repaired with gold ordering. When we look at it etymologically, this word is the word in Japanese, the golden mean Never, combine it with tsugi. In this state, is meant to merge with the word gold. Today, in Japan this Art is being addressed in two different branches. Merge with kintsugi gold first so – known as that we mentioned in the article is this-and the other expressed as kintsukuroi refers to the activities performed by the general repair of repair with the name of gold. In the first example of the art of kintsugi, gold nowadays, while using a gross way, more robust and presents a vivid appearance to a Gold, Platinum or silver lacquer obtained by mixing the substances is being used.

11669 2 300x425 - What Is The Art Of Kintsugi ?When we look at the philosophical and semantic depth as kintsugi, the Japanese Art, we see that this is a summary of the philosophy. In Japanese culture, just as in the human experience, and the presence of other objects, is believed to have a value of things improving is seen as a part of human memory. The flaws in the philosophy of kintsugi is to get rid of them and not be promoted as a value that gives depth and richness to the meaning of life belirginlestirip amaclanili.Replacement of broken or damaged items are also not carry the introduction of stronger and more valuable memories in a way takes on a special meaning to continue to exist. Kintsugi again despite all the pain and loss, from this perspective, the stronger , more compelling message in a way to reproduce itself moves. In this sense, covered widely in Eastern and Western literature collected from the ashes’Phoenix using the phoenix bird’ has a semantic content in parallel with the legend.Kintsugi of life, and the memories of the memories of the past into the future, his way of life on the trail to the riches that can be accessed if kalgidig new highlights. If the memories of a human that how it will get out of them ,but if you sail to a fulfilled life and faith lessons from the broken pieces when you assemble that new kintsugi, and the overall message it gives.

11669 1 300x207 - What Is The Art Of Kintsugi ?Kintsugi is one of the most common hobbies that pervades the arts and life in Contemporary Japan. People understood the importance of this Art here: the art of kintsugi Kintsugi Repair kits specifically designed for people interested in manufactured. People value of $ 100 without hesitation would buy these sets with no more than $ 25 are fixed with this set of mugs or vases with. Still gotta collected in Japan as well as in the art of kintsugi itself in many countries of the world easily repaired with porcelain items from $ 300 to $ 500 dollars between a buyer can find.With the increase in demand for works kintsugi, broken valuables break through as many collectors held two auctions for these works consciously with this understanding, re-combining, selling, or exhibits. There are many online sites where their works are sold again kintsugi.
Today the art of Kintsugi repair populerlesere porcelain goods, of objects of every type imaginable as well as chicken and quail eggs in the form of new schools are maintained with merging again with the gold has become.

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