What Is The Cause And Treatment Of Warts?

sigil nedir - What Is The Cause And Treatment Of Warts?

Common warts in adults and children that we know anything about is contagious;


Benign HPV (human papillomavirus) a virus reveals placed on top of the skin blisters.Although warts could be contagious these blisters which are called rough, tough, and skin color become.

Common warts on the hands and feet are not dangerous. However, due to accidents such as cuts and bruises, while infectious cause warts transmitted virus feature. The contact regions to the spread of the virus causes. Hand, foot, and sometimes in the genital area warts can cause pain. Especially plantar warts as they are in flat shape, you can mix with Nasser. Plantar warts as they walked continuously in print, is pushed inside the inflammation and pain causes.

sigil nedir - What Is The Cause And Treatment Of Warts?


Warts caused by the HPV virus. Any danger without warts usually are formed in childhood.Cuts and injury for reasons such as, it is easier for the virus to enter the body. Contagiousvirus spread to other parts of the body along with this transmission to others in contact.

Warts in moist and wet areas clear of warts because loveyour stuff like towels and slippers munda definitely do not share it with others. Body resistance to prevent warts plays an important role. The body with strong resistance to wart people the infection rate is very low.


  • The habit of nail biting
  • Warts direct contact
  • Sexual contact
  • The body resistance is low, and use of drugs that lower the body resistance
  • Cuts and wounds in the skin
  • The skin can often be shaved
  • Hygiene in public areas (included in the hair salon)
  • A pool, a hammam and a spa of areas such as hygiene
  • Towels, slippers and shoes of common use


Common Warts :Children although it has been widely researched quotes plucking and eating for reasons like in the regions of the hand or foot is observed.

Warts on the soles of the feet : located at the base of the foot, these warts may have suffered due to the continuous pressure of the pain shows. The intensity of the pain increases or decreases according to the size of the warts and applied pressure.

ayak tabani sigili - What Is The Cause And Treatment Of Warts?

Flat warts unlike other warts varieties, usually at the bottom of the face and hair is seen.They are flat because they don’t show themselves too much. Shape as flat, small and softthey’ll be.

Genital warts are Usually common in adults, although the genital organs in women or the outside of the cervix is called in the inner part of the genital region may occur as single or multiple. If left untreated in women, genital warts to cause cancer . Genital warts are usuallysexual contact occur through.


Due to psychological causes don’t get excited, and fear that occur for reasons such as warts heal spontaneously without a trace. It goes to sleep as a result of repetitive genital warts for the wart virus but to refer you to a specialist . The most important element of wart treatment by strengthening your immune system is to increase the resistance of your body.

Wart Treatment Methods

  • Medications that contain salicylic acid
  • Korter burning (electrocoterization)
  • Freezing (cryotherapy) and laser
  • Surgical methodssigil tedavisi - What Is The Cause And Treatment Of Warts?


  • The wart several times a day with fluid from the branch taken is performed in Fig.
  • Mash the garlic cloves on the wart and applied.
  • Add cabbage juice on the wart several times a day.
  • The inside of a banana peel for warts is good.
  • Basil has many anti-virus component with warts for good.
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