What is the effect of reward and punishment in child education?

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13980 egitim 1 300x300 - What is the effect of reward and punishment in child education?Training is difficult and a long process. Every parent wants his child to train in the best way. But how need to be informed about how should train. The knowns are right sometimes wrong, correct misconceptions. A good research should be done in consideration of this possibility when the child is trained, should be determined in the light of true knowledge to provide the right education. First of all, mom and dad must know the kids very well. Because every child has different mental and physical development.In this sense, all the children on the same footing, and apply the same method to put it will prevent the emergence of the desirable behavior.

The main purpose of education is to teach the correct behavior and to improve. But each child’s learning style is different. Because every child is different. Compared with other children here the child is the most important issue that need to be made. This would be very negative for the child. The desired behavior to the child’s Child, a neighbor, or a friend tried to teach a child to do the desired behavior if compared to that leave, even if she wants to do will stop. You begin to hate that person or that in comparison of the same friends.Benchmarking also means knowing enough parents who have the child. At this stage, the parents of the child necessarily know the characteristics, and accordingly must find methods of developing the right attitude.

Map has two ways to develop desirable behaviors in education. One of them is a prize, the other is a punishment. The reward should be definitely the first and most preferred method. The final stage of punishment should be, and certainly should not contain violence and bad words.

13980 egitim 2 300x209 - What is the effect of reward and punishment in child education?Prizes to be applied to children varies according to each age. For example, a 3 year old child, 9-year-old with the award to be given to the reward to be given to a child must be different from each other. Because the interests will also be modified as children grow older. The award count of each child to correct his behavior after you get her gifts does not mean. It is perfectly normal for the behaviors the child already needs to do to do. He desired to do the important child, but the child can behaviour, which has done so is the location. Thus, the child deserves a prize.
The prizes to be given to children should be primarily spiritual rewards. They kiss, hug, say Well done, Thank you. Financial awards can also be given to the child, but this should be quite rare. Reward the child by taking the child with gifts constantly encourages insatiable or what they want. This means that unhappy and reintegration of a child is not the desired behavior again.

Child, mother and father does not have to always do what you want. Firstly, parents want their children to be respectful of the wishes of them and I must agree with personality traits. The good to be done at this point-is to teach the truth. Like the child with strong language in a way that will do it also. That’s really important at this point. Boy tell how we like that and puts it into practice. The job of the parents who found the answer to this question becomes easier. The mental and physical development of the child at each age should be monitored and should be approached accordingly.During adolescence a child in preschool with a child the same rewards approach should be different.

13980 egitim 3 300x200 - What is the effect of reward and punishment in child education?A penalty is the final point in education. Maybe after trying all the solutions are referred to, but this is applied to the entire solution after you are sure that the correct paths should be. Never a penalty but in any case there should not be violence and bad words of the child. This can lead to a violent child the child in the future. And enables the emergence of too many negative behaviors. Scaring the children the desired behavior of does, but does it willingly. After a while, the boy still in his own way continues.

We also begin when you like and advice from you guys that don’t like any of the sentences. The interests of children and relativity in the modern era and quite varied. In this sense, mothers and fathers should train their children good and also update themselves by adding information to them.

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