What Is The Fear Of School?

SCHOOL PHOBIA WHAT IS - What Is The Fear Of School?

What Is The Fear Of School? Symptoms and treatment

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Fear of school was the most common newly opened school September-October and in the initial period of 6-8 years is seen in the months to school like.

Fear of school, after school years, for example, the school at the age of 11-12 on the agenda for change in the coming periods may occur.


May be sudden or insidious in onset. More stealthy startup occurs during adolescence, and conditions such as depression together with fuck.

School phobia – school fear of , in the case of children, especially complaints that arise when approaches to school hours are as follows:

  • Distress increase,
  • Don’t cry,
  • Irritability,
  • Insomnia,
  • Aggression,
  • Headache,
  • Nausea,
  • Loss of appetite

The condition of this very rare boys and girls are close to each other, an accident, illness, surgery, the departure of a school friend, a relative that is connected to illness or death, parental divorce, financial problems, family violence, and may start from the back of the conditions such as birth of sibling. At school these children are often extremely anxious and restless when he was at home comfortable and relaxed. When it was decided to go to school especially when the school is closed or the signs disappear.

These children usually have normal Intelligence, their course achievements is also good. They can do your homework regularly. To request children to go to school, tries to explain in his own way. Sinav mostly fear of the situation, the teacher is not nice to him and fear of school-related reasons such as the presence of a friend who connects to it.Studies of these children the parents are over-protective, caring, and anxious and depressive temperament that is doing their children everything they want, adopt a clear attitude as well, not to individual children’s healing environments that could allow people who create shows to gain confidence. These families are often very involved with their children’s physical health, it is observed that they are constant and they are moving in front of their eyes.

School phobia, with parents and teachers in dealing with children with cooperation is very important.

The kids should not be punished because they didn’t want to go to school, they should not be charged, going to school about the necessity of a clear attitude should be exhibited by all members of the family, the kid to school are required to be encouraging and supportive. In a language that the child understands the importance of school should be explained. The long goodbye made before the child’s school and long-term will trigger separation anxiety, since it is sufficient to say a short goodbye. Class participation can be accomplished gradually the child, but children must come to school necessarily. Schoolwhen fear presents itself, and the efforts of the family have been inconclusive when serious declines in children going to school, a child psychiatrist should be consulted. When treatment is delayed, the situation also can be added to prolong the process, such as other psychiatric problems. Research in her youth, showing a portion of a diagnosis of school phobia social phobia children at a later age has shown that they have received.


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