What Is The Flynn Effect?

What Is The Flynn Effect - What Is The Flynn Effect?

z3 20 300x441 - What Is The Flynn Effect?The Flynn effect IQ researcher James Flynn in the 1980s by the first of test scores is increased compared to the past, with the explanation that was thrown out. Flynn, “IQ on the level of the human population, every 10 years seems to be an increase of approximately 3 percentage points.” theory has become. He found many supporters by other researchers that investigated the Flynn effect.Research published by psychologist Lisa outsole and colleagues published an article on the results of other studies (in total, brought together more than 14,000 participants.) and since I never really saw a combined increase of IQ scores in the 1950s. Although there are some researches that show exceptional documenting IQ scores generally increased over time. In the face of this reality Tarhan and colleagues has a saying: “the existence of the Flynn effect should be rarely discussed.”

What Is The Cause Of The Flynn Effect?

Researchers have various theories that explain the Flynn effect threw reveals. Put the developments in the field of Health and nutrition of primary importance in this theory compared to the last century, for example, a decrease in smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy harmful factors such as the discontinuation of the use of lead paint is effective in the prevention and treatment of diseases have said that.
Today’s psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, Psychology Today takes over “when we recognized the Flynn effect people more opportunity and time to heal cannot be denied the contribution of the increase in the number of people healed.”
In other words, the Flynn effect is partly since the twentieth century, many in previous generations to deal with public health issues that prevent people reaching their full potential was initiated.

Another explanation for the Flynn effect as a result of the industrial revolution is concerned with the social changes that occurred in the last century. In a TED talk, Flynn, today of the world “new mental habits, it’s a world that we have to develop new mental habits” explains that. Flynn, the increase in IQ scores increasingly complicated intellectual activity in solving the problems of the world’s fastest-growing attributes.More abstract problem solving and similarities between types of different things to think a lot more in the modern world, he argues that it provides to sort out for them to take on.

In modern society, achieved higher scores on IQ tests to describe why it has been suggested a few ideas. For example; today most of us, wants a good position to use the ability of analytical thinking. These requests in connection with education in schools has also changed.At the beginning of the 1900s a test in school, while others may be more focused today, to explain the reasons for something is more likely to focus on a test. Also, more and more people today finish high school and continue to college.Family structure tend to be smaller, and in this situation, the interaction of children with their parents could be allowed to acquire new vocabulary which will add to the duration we were told.
It got more complicated when we consume for our fun outside of work. For example, our favorite TV show, or read a book to understand an important point in trying to predict, and we actually can make us smarter.

What Can You Teach Us The Flynn Effect?

The Flynn Effect tells you that the human mind is far more agile and adaptable than we think. Our intellectual activities are not necessarily innate and that environmental education will be enhanced with evidence. Industry background especially in modern society the way we view the world develops much more as compared to our ancestors.
New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell, in discussing the Flynn effect, writes: “If you get higher results in IQ tests measure how much a generation to do it if the only reason you cannot innate intelligence. In other words, it’s not actually what we think the Flynn effect IQ, earned a measure of your intelligence instead of being a natural birth, and the education we receive is a phenomenon that can be shaped by the society we live in tells us that.


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