What Is the Hemorrhoids ?

hemorrhoids - What Is the Hemorrhoids ?

Hemorrhoids, from hemorrhoids to be considered in foods and Nutrition News


What Is the Hemorrhoids ?

At the exit of the anus hemorrhoidal tissue is tissue that serves as a pillow. Popularly known as piles, hemorrhoids, prolonged sitting, eating much pain, constipation can occur from intense stress. Hemorrhoids what is the bride, let us examine together.


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Good Foods For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are an extremely uncomfortable condition. At the beginning of herbal tea is formulated from hemorrhoids. A blend of rosehip tea with turmeric root every day and drink plenty of fluids, it is very beneficial to consume. When we look at the use of spices in discomfort hemorrhoid black halle, buruc intensive property because is very useful. To consume the seeds with oil and gently cook. Core 2-3 times per day after meals and you will be protected if you break one roasted black Halle hemorrhoids treatment applied.

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Turmeric powder also prevents the formation and progression of hemorrhoids. At the same time reduces bleeding hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids that will have a positive impact on other spices, such as mint, saffron, dill, rosemary, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and rose water.

Juicy, warm, fibrous connective tissue that is extremely beneficial foods to consume. Also, fruit compote, oatmeal, watery buttermilk, rosehip marmalade, vegetable soup, vegetable dishes is also very useful.

► Foods That Are Good For Hemorrhoids

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What Should Be Considered In Nutrition With Hemorrhoids?

One of the things that are important in hemorrhoid treatment is to pay attention to your diet.Bitter spices should not be consumed as much as possible. Red meat in excess, solid and dry foods, overly acidic, you should run out of drinks.

Occupations With High Risk Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, is quite common in the society. Especially in some professions as experts warned about this disease, this disease triggers. Drivers, especially at the beginning of these professions. A large portion of the day sitting at the wheel, the driver of the capture of hemorrhoid disease is quite high. This profession, as well as doing a desk job, constantly standing and carrying a heavy load that it carries the danger of hemorrhoid it is said by those who were experts. Also people who have bad toilet habits in the bathroom with hemorrhoids for a long time and carries the danger of those who are high.

Types and stages of hemorrhoids

Perianal Abscess

That occurs around the anus perianal abscess , inflammation due to pus birikis.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Tissue internal hemorrhoids , the intestine that connects the park bonds from sagging over time caused by the condition reaction causes it to swell and scroll downward.

Symptoms Of Internal Hemorrhoids

Rectal Bleeding (During Stool)

Bleeding hemorrhoids during the first phase emerges. Each of the event just to be noted here is not thought to be for rectal bleeding piles. At the same time can cause cancer of the rectum and colon.

In The Anus, Breast Formation (Dilation Of Veins)

Hemorrhoids with bleeding from the back passage recently, if untreated, will create bigger problems in the future. 1. in part, the inner part of a breast will create swelling in the anus 2 level without much progress.

Swelling Around The Anus

4, which is the final level of the disease. level swelling around the anus occur.

Pain (Thrombosed Hemorrhoid)

If the final level will start to increase in pain after the disease is no longer buru situation if you’re in the medical examination, you must definitely nearest.


Itching swelling and pain in the wake of the recent disturbances occur while in Hissi will emerge. Itching the anus will suffer even more during each.


Located in the outer part of the anus slightly wet skin wetness and tits lingerie.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids in people from the beginning to be heavy bleeding and causes. For this reason, the diagnosis is put too quickly.

Symptoms Of External Hemorrhoids

Swelling Around The Anus

Among the symptoms of external hemorrhoids, constipated, straining the result of a mistake frequently made most people the most important thing in the vein that causes it to expand.magnitude varies from person to person.

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Hemorrhoid Stages

Hemorrhoidal disease 4 stages include. They include:

1. Stage: Hemorrhoidal tissue grew. After hard stool bleeding is common , but not sagging.

2. Stage: enlarged hemorrhoidal tissue, it swells during toilet sarkar. The bathroom after it corrects itself. Bleeding is also experienced.

3. Stage: advanced hemorrhoidal disease to turn to normal now, the intervention to be pushed by hand .

4. Stage: in this final phase hemorite intervention is not enough, a surgical operationrequires.


Hemorrhoids Herbal Treatment

Treatment methods that can be applied, prevent constipation, regulation of diet, warm bath, soothing creams and various surgical interventions can be applied. In addition, nowadays the herbal treatment methods is insufficiently developed.

Hemorrhoids Horse Chestnut

One of these methods is the herbal horse chestnut. This herb can be used at every stage of hemorrhoids. The point to be noted, the correct use of the plant. Horse chestnut when used correctly not dangerous results may be produced.

Which is a poisonous plant horse chestnut tea, powder, and extract, and should be used with caution. Should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Hemorrhoids (piles) what would it be?

One of the most important questions in the minds of many people with hemorrhoids “hemorrhoids what would it be?”dir. In us, quite often our content will be implemented in this section, we will give you information about how hemorrhoid asked.

This topic is sort of “what’s good for Hemorrhoids?” the question involves. The steps that apply here would also be the answer to the question of what is good for hemorrhoids.

  • Hemorrhoids (piles) occur in people who diet in general. So avoid a diet that produces too much protein.
  • Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. Plenty of fiber foods eat.
  • Avoid foods high in sugar.
  • The average consume 3 liters of water and 2 liters of winter and summer.
  • Drinking alcohol and coffee close.
  • Perform exercise on a regular basis.
  • Notice to be at a healthy weight.
  • Do not smoke. If you drink down to the lowest level also.
  • Avoid tight clothes.
  • Your bathroom definitely do not. The first opportunity your need for resolve.

Look At The Section In Which Hemorrhoids

So hemorrhoids haemorrhoidal disease “General Surgery” part of the Overlook. General surgery department is competent in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Regardless of the reason, in the section of general surgery, the doctors of the surgery ability.

The Causes Of Hemorrhoids?

There are many causes of hemorrhoids. You can tell them;

  • While in the toilet, excessive straining
  • Genetic structure
  • Constipation
  • Obesity
  • Eating disorder
  • Stay for a long time in the bathroom
  • Pregnancy
  • Inactivity
  • Old age
  • Excessive alcohol, smoking, consumption of
  • Excessive consumption of spices
  • Excess caffeine consumption

Cause hemorrhoids one of the main reasons why I like the above reasons is genetics. If you have any of your close relatives you should be careful. Can occur suddenly, as you get older, the probability that none occur is also higher.


Located in our news, written and compiled from different sources of visual content to be created, a letter of suggestions and information. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor.


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