what is the meaning of life

what is the meaning of life - what is the meaning of life

what is the meaning of life


– A list of strange and wonderful embroideries of beings that are manifested by the beautiful names of Allah.

– A window showing the attributes of Allah.

– It is a measure that balances the assets in the universe.

– A list of assets in the universe, a map, a fezlekesi.

A key nugget that will open the hidden treasures of divine might.

– It is an tak ahsen-i timetable Güzel that is sprinkled on time and scattered on the beings throughout the universe. (see Nursi, p. 128)

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A Different Perspective on Big Bang

The wisdom of the creation of life: 

Tecelli-i Ehadiyete, cilve-i Samediyete is the revelation. In other words, it is a revelation of Zât-i Ehad-i Samed with the authority of the point-i outbreak of the sub-manifestation manifested in the whole world.

Life, especially the human life in the spiral of happiness: the most beautiful and callous of the names and attributes of the light of Allah, to feel and love the manifestations. His enthusiasm as a conscious being is to show him. His heart is getting carried away. The aim of the project is to place the reflections of the names and attributes of the Shams-i-e-land on the heart of the heart. (see Promises, p. 129)

What is the purpose of our lives?

With the expression of the verse, “the purpose of the creation of people and demons is obedience and servitude.” (Zariyat, 51/56) It is not to forget the charm of the life of the world and forget about the Hereafter. Because Allah created man for the life and servitude of the Hereafter, He has equipped man with appropriate devices and emotions for this purpose. 

If this device and emotions for the Hereafter are consumed in the mortal and ugly affairs of the world, it is not satisfied and will be taken into account in the Hereafter. Here, the main thing that troubles and annoys people to ebed devices used in the mortal world is to use.

How to weigh the coal with the precision of the scale is not weighed, if it is weighed out of the purpose of use is broken and sad. Likewise, if we spend the heart given to loving God to mortal lovers, the heart becomes bored and overwhelmed because it is used outside of its purpose of giving.

If the mind is used to find the right and the truth and to contemplate the arts of Allah, it is used in the service of the soul and soul, the mind becomes bored and depressed like the same heart. If we pursue the soul that is satisfied with the Quran and the Nurani things, the fantasy of the world, the soul will fall into depression …

If one uses all of his material and spiritual feelings for the purpose of creation, he is both satisfied and happy. If none is consumed by the misguided and evil deeds of the world, it will be deprived of both the world and the torment of the world.

In summary, the gap between the soul and the heart; He can fill the gospel of God.

What is the wisdom of our emotions? 

First, taste and taste of blessings, in the second comes the contemplation of the Divine names manifested in all beings. 

According to this, weighing in the first is made with emotions, and thanks to the ash, this taste and weighing should be done by understanding and contemplation. 

Man weighs the size, shape, color, distance and intimacy of the eye with the eye. Looking at the mountains, “This mountain is greater than this hill,” he says. Weighing the colors, it gives the blue, the green, the darker green. 

It weighs the world of flavors with its language; The difference between the sweetness of desserts, the difference between flavors and tons of information gives people. 

One branch of the blessed task of man created for worship and ingenuity is contemplation and another is thankful. Man recognizes many realms with his emotions, and Tartar expresses them in contemplation, and praises them for their benefits. 

Important Points on Evolution, Atheism and Creation

Instead of thinking of a blessing as a single, thinking all blessings together is a sublime contemplation and leads to humanity .  

In addition, a human being, er every organ in his body “ and le every latin and every emotion attached to his soul n is such a great blessing, thankingGod for all of them  be thankful her . 

On the other hand, man is grateful to the incarnation he has made for these super blessings, and to think together with all the external blessings that surround him. 

Another is: When one gives thanks to a blessing that man is blessed with, he can inculcate all lovers who have had the same blessing, and even all creatures.

The language is a balance, all the flavors are weighed in this scale.

The nose is a balance, all scents are weighed with this balance.

The eye is a balance, all colors and descriptions are weighed with this scale.

The feeling of touch is a balance, the softness and hardness of the objects, the age and the dryness are weighed with this.

The ear is a balance, all sounds are measured on this scale.

The heart is a balance, love and love, beauty and love are weighed in this scale.

Conscience, like a delicate balance of sarraf, weighs all right and truth.

Reason is a scales, all the meaning of the scale of the meaning of this scale …

Here, all of these emotion scales in man are dominated by a window of blessing. Man opens to the world of this blessings through these windows and he weighs and weighs the blessings with these scales; And this is the lofty door. These scales are the scales we know and can see; however, there are thousands of emotions and human blessings that we do not know in human fate.

What are the names of Esma-i Deity? 

The names and embroideries of the beautiful names of Allah are the works and arts that appear on the universe. In other words, all of the works and arts that exist in the universe are a reflection of Allah’s beautiful names.

E.g; illustrated above and drawing a flower, God Giver of Forms is a manifestation of the name and twist. The cute and sweet ornaments of the flower are a reflection and the skin of Allah’s Müzeyyin name. My Flower orderliness in-house, by God’s verse is a quirk of the name. The life of the flower need to come into the structure of the body to enter and settle, the name of the name of the Rezzak of Allah, etc.

In the universe of man, manifested to the names of God and mirror is the most comprehensive work and the most perfect art. For example, in the flower we give, all names of God may not be manifested; but in the human nature, God manifests all names. At this point, human is mazhar-i azamdir; From the point of being manifested to the names and attributes of Allah, it is the greatest site of the human universe and the bright neighborhood.

E.g; look at the faces of the people of God Basar is a manifestation of adjectives, ear Semi ‘ is a reflection of adjectives, speech scene in the language, Kalam is a quirk of adjectives, depicted on the face and drawing Giver of Forms is the name of, be sent to the sustenance of the need to life and body and feeding of employees cells in the body Rezzak the name embroideries and their manifestations. Like these names, all the names of Allah are manifested in the form of human embroidery and have their skin pointed. All of these embroideries and creations are made of windows opened to the names of the sources. Human beings are referred to the names and attributes of God through these windows.

The Miracle of a Fly

Human beings are obliged to read and understand the names of Allah through embroideries, and to declare and explain the terms and requirements of these names through their life.

E.g; God in the universe Adler sees business judgment and with justice that this provision should be applied at every point of the name and saves the universe and manifested. We are also responsible for making the same manifestation and the provision, that is, the right to act, to apply to our lives and things.

We can compare the other names.

What is the nature of life?

Man, as nature and ability, has a very broad and demanded science. The nature of the human being has been created in such a way as to weigh all the names of Allah. The nature of man is, in some way, like a summary that will see and comprehend the names of Allah. 

E.g; he realizes the name of Şafr (God) and find healing ; He went to Rezzak with hunger and said z 

Both the same nature has been created with the ability to measure all of Allah’s names and names. For example, I comprehend my small science and his cinder science by grasping. In my own sense, taste, satisfaction, fervor, anger, such as the feast of taste, satisfaction, enthusiasm, gadap can observe such as. I make the absolute unknown, comparable to the known. 

A universe of the universe in the universe, a list of these realms; a map of the following universe; both of these books to be a fezlekesi ekber; a small model of all the worlds created in the universe and the temperament of the human nature. With that model and balance, human beings can comprehend that realm. General and grandiose realms in the universe in the form of small models as emotions and latin has taken the form. Therefore, human beings are like a small universe. If you shrink the universe, human beings, the universe becomes universe. 

For example, the human imagination is like a model and temperament of the realm; Man looking at he world with imagination. Soul, a model and model of the realm of the realm. Mind is the key and window of mana world. The eye is a culvert of the image world. The ear is a channel that opens to the realm of sound.

Basic Characteristics of Human Life:

a) The garaib of the Esma-ı ilahiye: 

All the names of Allah are beautiful and all their manifestations are wonderful, strange. These are listed in the human index. Creation, giving life, giving life to the senses, creating bodies suitable for those souls, wearing chars,,, one of the divine verbs. All of these are created by Allah and all this is manifested by the manifestations of Allah’s names. A sample was created in all of these manifestations that were sprinkled on the universe of beings. He has also been brought to life, he has provisioned, he’s provisioned, his soul, feelings, body equipped with organs, and righteousness O.

b) Both the adjective and the adjective: 

Mikyas means i comparative tool, comparison tool Mik . Human, given to him wisdom, will, adjectives such as power VaHiD-i consider as analogy, as we know the attributes of God with them, still attached to the spirit of “compassion, anger, compassion, see their CemaL and perfection and want to show” like şuunatl to Allah ‘ He may know a degree. We call it a degree, because the human spirit is the creature, all the adjectives that are attached to that spirit and the creature is the creature. As Allah’s covenant does not resemble any of His creations, his attributes and his wisdom are not like that of the Creator. Notwithstanding this important point, a person can have his / her right to know his / her right and to know his right with the adjectives and adjectives.   

c) The nature of the realms in the universe: 

He weighs the world of colors and shapes, and weighs the world of flavors with his tongue, the world of fragrance, as he knows which colors are larger, brighter, or which colors are greater than the other. On the other hand, the human mind is like a trial balance weighing the wisdom in all these realms. 

d) The list of the Abraham: 

This meaning of the Master explains the following phrase: aktan What is in the universe is a sample of humanity. Inda Again in Nur Külliyatin, human bones of stones, meat from the earth, various streams in the body is said to inform the rivers. The elements of this realm, as well as small micronutrients in the human body, a small sample of the Tabh-i Mahfouz in the great world, the human memory, a sample of the realm is the human dream. A small sample of the world-wide crowding of angels with angels is the fusion of the soul that is a guest in the human body with the feeling of thousands. 

e) the map of the universe and f) the booklet of the book: 

In these two articles, the human-universe relationship has been demonstrated by different connotations. In one, the universe is likened to a country, the nature of the human being to the map of that country. The map is a minimized form of the country. Everything that is in that country is represented on the map. In the second, the universe is likened to a great book and the human to its fezlek. Fezleke; self, abstract, means extract . 

g) A key bar that opens the hidden treasures of power: 

In this article, science has gained more weight. This universe is likened to a book written in pen-i power . The hidden meanings of the writings in that book are revealed by science sciences. Man has revealed the hidden treasures, from underground sources to electricity, to the realm of rays, by using his talent appropriately in place. Thus, it was like a haz key bar “ and opened a separate treasure with each key. While the different keys here represent different characteristics of the human nature, they must also point to different sciences related to the universe. 

h) A calendar calendar of the rockets sprinkled and fitted to the house:

Last here “from kemalatı” purpose, verses showing God’s perfection, are created. Imam Ghazali said, de There is no more consolation in the possibility of the circle. De He stated that everything was created in the most perfect way according to his / her ability and duty and that he could not be considered better. This ”everything Bu is also human. He was created both in the most perfect way and in the ability to comprehend the arches in other beings.

The expression ini sprinkled and put on housing dir is for declaring that en the most beautiful and perfect creation en is exercising its judgment in all creatures and all times.

Getting Wet in the Ocean of Cosmos

In a nutshell:

”The big word is the word of the elders. Söz Similarly, the life of life is the life of the civilians. Here, mainly, we tell them, and we are shown the way to resemble them. The first step to go on this path is that man sees  himself as a kendisini precious creature created in the Ahsen-i calendar and carrying the manifestation of all the divine divinity. Bu

The second step after this information is to feel these manifestations. The Sun does not feel the power of power, despite the force that easily translates all planets. Man, with his little power, knows and feels a degree of power. In the same way, man not only knows what ıp will, sight, hearing Aynı is, but he feels them. 

If one feels that he is a work of Allah, such as feeling these qualities, a different kind of love and pleasure will be produced for each name manifested in him. These loves lead him to receive degrees in the Divine Expectation. 

The most advanced level of this is to an pass out with that conversation , değil not to think about its existence, but on the existence of Allah, to seek its own authority, not in its fortune, but in its faith and faith in Allah. 

This state of that person, which is the most advanced range of taqwa “masiva from piety to” take; To the heart of a love other than the love of love, fear of the fear of Allah enters the position of fear of entering a separate. The meaning of the verse in the person of an Hearts is only with the remembrance of Allah. In And in the heart of his heart, the light of faith fills him and this light leaves all the earthly lights behind. 

One thing needs to be emphasized: Since Allah’s companions are not like the attributes of the lawyer and adjectives do not resemble others, the conversation to be made to Him is not like other loves. The measure here is to push it to the beloved messenger of Allah. In other words, the extent to which the Messenger of Allah has pushed him, the more he loves God.

In short, the measure of loving God is ”righteous deed“ and themeasure of fear of Allah is olur voluntary ecek.

source : https://bit.ly/2IDlp0F

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