What Is The Profile Of Migraine?

migrane - What Is The Profile Of Migraine?

Everyone has different migraine experiences. Therefore, to look at migraine sufferers an algorithmic approach, rather than a personalized approach. A neurologist or your to see a specialist for migraine headache; best migraine discussion of the various factors unique to sort your profile will be on the agenda. There are some factors which will deal with here are probably your doctor.


When it comes to migraines; especially on diagnosis and treatment age factor; a factor larger than adults. Some common characteristics of migraine in children and adults, although in children suffering from migraine also carry their own characteristics. For example, pain in one side of the head migraine headaches are seen in children while in adults, by contrast, generally see the pain on both sides of the head. In addition, migraine headaches in children with migraine in adults are more likely to have symptoms that are specific to unique.

Associated Migraine Symptoms In Childrena1 14 300x308 - What Is The Profile Of Migraine?

• Abdominal pain
• Osmofobi (sensitivity to smell)
• Dizziness
• Autonomic symptoms, runny nose, eye flow, facial sweating, etc.
There are differences between the treatment of migraine in adults and children. Some children and young people, such as some migraine medications do not respond to triptans or ibuprofen typical adult. Instead, pediatric headache specialists, minimizing stress through meditation and relaxation techniques, proper sleep and a migraine at school creation of the action plan, such as providing food a more unique programs tend to focus on the treatment of migraine.

A History Of Migraines In The Family

Migraine is a genetic disease. Families tend to migrate from this disease. In fact, according to the American Migraine Foundation, migraines if you have one parent or both, is between 50 per cent and 75 per cent chance of migraine.
However, individuals within the same family often share symptoms and triggers of migraines considering that the family members of the Migraine disease, it may be useful to talk about their grievances. Also, usually a family member, which is beneficial for migraine meds tend to work for recognition of other family members also may have information useful to note that the disease. Of course, after talking with family members, be sure to share this information with your doctor.
Create A Profile Migraine
Before you go to your doctor’s appointment with a migraine, it is a good idea to take notes about your piece.

Factors That Need To Be Taken Into Account In The ModelMigraine Headaches Treatment Methods 300x204 - What Is The Profile Of Migraine?

Time of day: you wake up, your migraines, in the afternoon, evening or waking up in the night after it starts?
Number of migraine: a migraine for more than 15 days per month are you having? (This is the indication of chronic migraine)
Associated symptoms: migraine-related nausea or vomiting do you experience? These symptoms occur from migraine headaches and then that is growing or fading?
Aura: an aura with your migraines are you having?
Triggers: for example, certain foods, weather changes, sleep disorders, skipping meals, strenuous exercise.
The hormone connection: Right before your menstruation (for women migraine shows up? Or pregnancy, perimenopause, etc. if worsened or improved during the ()?
The second important point can be very important for hormonal connections women. For example, a young woman of a migraine before menstrual periods (menstrual migraine) indicates that it is worse than if the doctor five or six days ago I received from the beginning menstruation, birth control pills or constantly Frova (frovatriptan) may prescribe a medication such as.
Alternatively, if reports that an old woman has worsened migraines, menopause, hormone replacement therapy may be an option (if you have a migraine trigger estrogen depletion as the doctor). Your doctor or the woman’s lifestyle, for example, mood and sleep changes. These changes may be a more likely explanation for the worsening migraines.

Drug Historya4 13 300x152 - What Is The Profile Of Migraine?

Consists of two classes of migraine medication drugs: treatment and preventers. Determine exactly exactly what is working and what you tried medications, migraine is an important part of your profile.

Treatment Remedies

Migraine treatment when starting; you might ask your doctor about your medicines, there may be some questions that your doctor. These questions are as follows
• There is a remedy or herbal medicine you take when you start a migraine attack? Wait to get your self or migraine?
• If you have the drugs you receive; if one of these drugs a week or more, How often do you do it? At the onset of a migraine medications do you take?
• Tol ere headaches medication does and is it effective?migrane 300x200 - What Is The Profile Of Migraine?
Your doctor your migraine profile sticker, your knowledge of the frequency of use of migraine medication is important. Because maybe you have headaches because of excessive drug use in addition to your migraines. Or because of the side effects of medications a migraine is triggered.

Remedies Prevention

Migraine preventive medications that balances traditional as well as blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and anti-depression medication as a preventive migraine are seen to benefit.
In the same way, Botox is a reasonable option for chronic migraine, but can be expensive. The good news is that both episodic and Chronic Migraine the treatment of migraine approved by the FDA for three new treatment. These treatments is still very new and the visibility is very low.
1. Aimovig (erenumab)
2. Jovi (fremanezumab)
3. Magnitude (galcanezumab)
These drugs can be injected and in the pathogenesis of migraine calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) is called, targets a protein that plays an important role.There are many advantages of these drugs, but a patient’s migraine preventive drugs is approved to be used in the case of zero tolerance.

Underlying Medical Conditions.

Your medical history is an important factor when considering Your Migraine Care. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, a person with multiple medical problems such as kidney disease, migraine disease, a healthy person’s treatment plan is different. Migraine symptoms and these individuals, even if they have their share of similar injuries, the treatment plan will vary depending on this basic medical problems.
A person has migraine, alternative or additional to separate from a diagnosis can be complicated. For this reason, you may need to do a detailed assessment with your doctor. For example, a doctor non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (HOW) can treat a healthy person without medical problems with these drugs is not an option for people with uncontrolled high blood pressure and kidney disease.Preventive migraine care is also influenced by a person’s medical history. For example, new anti-influenza drugs in pregnancy has not been studied, therefore, these drugs are pregnant or for women who have a pregnancy within the next few months won’t be an option.
Finally, individuals in some cases, migraine symptoms, as described, in fact, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or headaches that arise as a result of another condition such as thyroid disease. Additionally, certain health conditions such as obesity can make your migraines worse.

Lifestylea2 12 300x150 - What Is The Profile Of Migraine?

Your migraine, your experience; your daily habits and your overall lifestyle, the interaction of alternative treatments or therapies may change.
Your Doctor Might Ask You Questions
• Coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks, including caffeine do you consume? If what you consume do you consume?
• On a weekly basis, how much alcohol do you consume?
• Every day do you exercise?
• What is a typical day for you meal plan?
• Any yoga or meditation such as mind-body therapies do you agree with?
• Medications, including vitamins and herbs are you taking medications which are every day?
• Are you seeing a doctor regularly?
This is not a completely accurate reflection profile, it is also a part of you. To know the contents and the results of your daily routine, can trigger a new migraine. Migraine can reveal information about your health or negatively affect your lifestyle.
Migraine is a complex neurological condition, therefore do not allow to rest on your shoulders the burden of this situation. See a specialist headache and pre-migraine the factors that create your personal profile to write. By understanding the depth of your migraine, your doctor your life back that you deserve with the goal of giving in the best way we migrens migraine can be treated.
Remember, when reviewing your profile unique with your doctor migraine, do not give the wrong answer. Just be yourself and be honest; in this way, they can work with you to create the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

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Content compiled from different sources in the field of written and visual content to be created, a letter of suggestions and information. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor. Remember, the health problems of the individual treatment methods for biology, genetic characteristics, age, height, weight differences, and these aspects may vary according to like a dozen different allergic situation. To treat your health problems, but your doctor can help

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