What Is The Starter Motor ? How Does It Work ?

Starter Motor - What Is The Starter Motor ? How Does It Work ?

What Is The Starter Motor ? How Does It Work ?

marsmotoru - What Is The Starter Motor ? How Does It Work ?The starter motor, the battery and the engine is a system that allows working with electrical energy from the first movement. The translation of which is connected to the ignition, the starter motor gear flywheel the crankshaft is raised by the rotation of the fuel-air mixture to fill the engine and allows you to make the initial movement of the piston.
Some small engines, for example, when the generators are running or when the cord is pulled the crankshaft pulley that is attached to the bike by pressing the pedals with the feet as it is in the engine and the starter we’ll give you the first move undertaken the task of we would.

Things To Be Considered

The starter is the most energy consuming part of a standard vehicle. Therefore, a reduction in the vehicle’s headlights and interior lighting when you press on Mars. So the starter of the engine, the recommended maximum execution time is 10 seconds. If you run for more than 10 seconds if it drains all the power in the accumulator. Also having the pistons of an engine other than the starter activity is not a function of making because usually lightweight materials are used. This also means the starter motor isn’t resistant to the long-term studies.
The starter motor should not run the motor while in motion is definitely important issue. Otherwise, the flywheel, the gears can be damaged.

If the starter motor is not working;

  • The battery may be exhausted.
  • The battery terminals may be loose or dislocated.
  • The terminals of the battery may be corroded.
  • Chassis ports may be loosened.
  • The starter can be finished in coal.
  • The starter motor may be defective.

The motor is working but the starter motor does not worktu;

  • Could be a malfunction in the fuel system or ignition.
  • Starter pinion or Flywheel gear may be worn.

The battery is insufficient to run the starter, in cases where the battery of another vehicle, connected in parallel with jumper cables to the engine can be operated thanks. If not possible, by opening the contact, the vehicle can be pushed a certain period of time when you’re in second gear is accelerated, and run the motor by leaving the clutch suddenly. However, this should always be a last resort because it can damage the timing belt on this application.

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