What Is the Vitreous?

katarakt 300x160 - What Is the Vitreous?

katarakt 300x160 - What Is the Vitreous?A closer look into floaters and flashes of light

What are some questions to ask?

Sometimes you can see clouds of small particles, or floating in your field of vision. These are called floaters. Actually floaters the vitreous (clear gel that fills the inside of the eye-like fluid) are sets of gel or cells inside.
This flying objects in front of your eyes as it may seem, is actually floating inside the eye. Of them that you can actually see the retina (the light feel, and is a layer of cells at the back of the eye that allows you to see) the shadow of falling.
Floaters dots, round, line, cloud, or a spider can be seen in different ways, such as.

What causes floaters?

People when they get to middle age the vitreous gel shrink, or fade to black, starting with clusters of the inside of the eye, or filamentous shapes creates. The vitreous gel the back of the eye, which are separated by a rear vitreous detachment this is called. Floaters occur as a result of this.
Rear vitreous detachment are more common in the following persons:
-Cataract surgery
-Fat laser surgery patients
-Inflammation in the eye.
The sudden appearance of floaters may be cause for concern. Especially if you’re over the age of 45, cause new floaters, contact your eye care practitioner immediately.

Floaters can cause serious problems?

When the vitreous gel the back of the eye are separated by the tear in the retina may occur. During this separation, sometimes by sudden retinal tear, and new floaters in the eye with a small amount of bleeding causes the realization of developing.
Retinal detachment may cause a torn Retina is always a serious problem. If you should see your ophthalmologist as soon as possible if you have any of the following:
Ï suddenly, even though a single ucusma
• If you notice sudden flashes of light.
If you have a different side than feeling like a shutdown complaints in your vision, immediately contact your eye care practitioner.

Floaters can be taken?

Floaters is a serious problem, which may be a precursor to the formation of a tear in the retina. Left untreated a retinal tear, a retinal detachment condition of the eye called the retina separated from the back may cause it to occur.
Other floaters are harmless and not requiring treatment of solar or less over time would be annoying. Surgery is almost never required to get sexual interest. Vitamin therapy does not have sexual interest.
Even if you have floaters for years, suddenly a new ucusma if you notice this, you must have an eye examination.

What causes flashes of light?

Allocating the vitreous gel from the retina hanging on the back of the retina, in the meantime, the light-sensitive cells in the retina stimulated by an image that looks like a bolt of lightning or a flash of light emerges. In a coup that came to your eye and “the stars” may have experienced a similar experience to this if saydiy.
A flash of light appear and may continue for a few weeks or months to dissolve. As you get older, the chance to live the experience of light increases. If it happens when a sudden flash of light, tearing of the retina, in case you should see your doctor immediately eye care.


Some people with migraines in both eyes, often lasting 10 to 20 minutes, zigzag lines or “heat waves” you see flashes of light that resembled. This type of migraine is caused by the contraction of blood vessels in the brain and flashes of light is called.

If you develop flashes of light after they had headaches, this is called a migraine headache. However, zigzag lines, or heat waves may occur without headache. In this case, headaches or migraines or painless migraines eye to light is called. If you have these symptoms, contact your eye doctor.

How are your eyes examined?

An eye doctor your eyes examined when the pupil with eye drops (pupil) is enlarged. Without any pain during this exam, your eye doctor will examine the eye in detail including the retina and the vitreous. A enlarged eye pupil can be difficult to drive after the exam because if you are going in your own car, you may need to arrange for someone to drive the car in advance.
As you get older, more and more flashes of light and floaters are seen. Although not all floaters and flashes of light serious retinal injury to exclude, you must examine with your eye doctor.

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