What Is The Weight?

What Is The Weight - What Is The Weight?

Weak people eat a lot but gain weight because you can’t complain. Well weight is it ?

Sugary drinks, sugary foods, or French fries, are high in calories such as chips foods that contain bad fats, although the unhealthy food are among the groups. This weight can get foods that are not healthy or poor quality, but you have taken a healthy weight. With quality nutrition will do for you what we have prepared for you healthy weight gain.

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Weak people they gain weight even though they eat too much food you can’t complain, but there are certain rules you need to pay attention.

What Should I Do To Gain Weight ?

  • Some people have faster metabolism works as a result of this they can’t eat and lose weight they burn. For this reason, thatto increase your number of day, you can get 4 or 5 meals.


  • When an overload has been defeated to a certain area may be too to gain weight, along with exercise and a balanced diet to avoid weight gain regional importance. Therefore protein, fats and carbohydrates balance , you must provide feeding.

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  • Protein, fat and carbohydrate right for examples of foods include:
    Proteins: eggs, salmon, tuna and other fish, chicken, beef, steak.
    Oils: olive oil,coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado, walnuts, almonds, flax seeds.
    Carbohydrates: fruits and vegetables; beans, lentils, peas, brown rice, whole-grain bread, whole grain pasta and other whole grain products, honey and fruit juice.
  • To see whether you have any health problems go to a doctor. Hormonal weight people who can’t afford, stomach or digestive problems you may have.


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  • Smoke cigarettes, if you drink, leave immediately. If you smoke, your body to help release toxins more work and therefore consumes additional calories. You therefore you can’t lose weight. Also kilo to get alcohol, you should stay away from caffeinated beverages.
  • You can make a weight gainer before bed milk consumption from proteins.

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  • You can gain weight by doing bodybuilding exercises.
  • Stay away from unhealthy fats. Chips, French fries contain lots of unhealthy fats like chocolate. These are dangerous for the body. Your cravings for eating more fat will increase the feeling of satiety will prevent that.
  • Avoid using phrases like I can’t gain weight I’m too weak and positive thoughts and install.

Drove To Get Food, What Are Healthy Weight ?

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  • fruit juices prepared at home
  • red meat
  • potatoes
  • fish, chicken, tuna, shrimp
  • rice
  • butter
  • milk
  • cheese
  • peanuts, peanut butter
  • almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts
  • dried fruit (apricots, figs, plums, grapes dried)
  • carrots
  • peas
  • sugar beet
  • mushroom dishes

Fattening foods that are high in sugar and fat content, but something that should be considered when feeding carbs and proteins separate.

Prepared list weight gain as an example

catal - What Is The Weight?

  • From 7.30 in the morning: a glass of water
  • Hours 8,00: Breakfast:3 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon butter with the omelet.

3 slices whole wheat bread

1 tablespoon carob molasses

American cheese or cheddar cheese 2

15 black olives or Yesil

1 small tomato

1 small cucumber

  • 9.00 a.m. in the morning: a glass of water
  • Hours 9,30: 5 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 cup milk and 1 tablespoon of tahini-honey mix in a dish and enjoy your meal.
  • 10.00 hours: a glass of water
  • 10.30 on the clock : getting a job first, then legs, then you can do weight training for the arms and chest. During exercise, not all of them with 2 cups.
  • 11: 30 am: a cup of milk a tablespoon of carob molasses and water
  • 12.00 hours: a cup of water

Hours 12,30: lunch : a bowl of soup

A dish of whole wheat pasta

200 g chicken meat (2 or 3 pieces of baked chicken thigh)

  • Hours 13,00: glass of water
  • 14,00 hours: 3 tablespoons oatmeal, 1 cup milk and 1 teaspoon honey mix in a dish and enjoy your meal.
  • 14.30 hours, a cup of fruit juice (fruit juice, home-made jams from you can prepare yourself. Take out the pulp of 2 tablespoons cherry jam and put it in a cup and add water.Mix your fruit juice.)
  • Hours 15,00: 1 cup water
  • 16,30 hours: dinner: 5 meatballs

Plenty curly

2 cups kefir or buttermilk

2 slices whole wheat bread

1 cup bulgur pilaf

  • Hours 17,00: a glass of kefir
  • Hours 18,00: glass of water
  • Hours 18,30: a glass of fruit juice
  • 19,30 hours: 1 piece cheese toast and 1 glass of fruit juice
  • 20.00 per hour: 1 cup of water
  • Hours 20,30: a banana, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey
  • 21,00 hours: 10 raw almonds, a handful of nuts, 4 sun dried apricots
  • Hours 22,00: PB and J sandwich, a slice of
  • To 22.30 hours: 1 cup of water
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