What Is Tokofobi ?

What Is the Tokofobi - What Is Tokofobi ?

Tokofobi is a psychological disorder. What causes this disease?


Information About Disease Tokofobi

Tokofobi of birth fear is called. This is a psychological problem. Tokofobi is often used.Women are constantly the subject of curiosity in mind, which is a condition of birth, therefore, some women this fear can turn into phobia. This phobia affects the lives of women that’s a factor. Some women almost doesn’t want to have children because of this fear.


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In this case also fear of childbirth phobia of getting pregnant for women the situation is becoming. Tokofobi, fear of childbirth fear of pregnancy as a possible side effect of included.On the basis of this condition is different and it is a serious problem. Tokofobi may be considered as a serious psychological disorder generally normal.

Therefore, it must be taken into account. Some cases of caesarean section for the birth increasing rapidly in recent years is an example. The doctor’s recommendation are required to have the type of birth, because birth is usually just decide it is not a situation that could to the woman. Normal birth or C-section too, there are many factors to the situation to be.


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These are sometimes some discomfort, there can be situations physiological. For this reason, doctors give birth to of person the inspection, control and follow-up afterwards decides, but nowadays some people prefer to have a caesarean birth because of tokofobi.There are different types of technology. Shows different reaction to different types from each other.


What Are Tokofobi  The Types?

Premier Tokofobi

Premier tokofobi depression during pregnancy, as seen together. Premier tokofobi are a very common condition, but this situation is not taken very seriously. Therefore, the cause of the trauma. Usually in couples is a common condition.

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For the first time this fear is a common complication in people who will be having children.The fear of getting pregnant woman pregnant for the first time, consists of fear of childbirth.Therefore, in some cases, in the act of abortion is seen. Even some people the method they resort to abortion. In this way they’ll last into the pregnancy.


Secondary Tokofobi

Tokofobi tokofobi shows Iraqis from primary to secondary. On top of this is seen in people who had a miscarriage. The underlying causes of quite serious situations occur in the secondary car. In some cases, repeatedly abortion, stillbirth, and abortion is seen as.


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Another factor in his previous births and lived in aches, pains or negative emotions, situations. Are experienced with depression that occurs during pregnancy. These individuals, of birth without fear, without the fear of getting pregnant or the pregnancy is seen in people who is not afraid to.

What Are Tokofobi The Symptoms?

In many cases people with problems tokofobi is observed. These conditions may vary in every woman. Even a person otherwise the findings in other person may be experienced. In some people, excessive drowsiness are common, while in a state of insomnia in some people is seen. A state of constant fatigue is experienced. With exhaustion and energy loss.In the mood experiencing many changes.


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These are extremely limited, don’t be seen in different ways, such as crying spells and panic attacks. People often has nightmares. Occur some changes in my eating habits. While it is not a physiological disturbance in people with physical complaints may be present. This occurs for psychological reasons. In addition, experiencing difficulty in focusing. Family, friends, environment, and focus on business matters, the problem occurs.

  • Insomnia
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Energy loss
  • Nervousness
  • Crying spells
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nightmare vision
  • Panic attacks
  • Change in eating habits
  • Somatic complaints
  • Physical mobility
  • Focus

Causes Tokofobi

Technology in the formation of the different reasons shows. Social and cultural reasons for this situation arise. Women usually occurs because the hearsay information does not match the origin of the technology. For many people the stories of the birth may cause people to have different thoughts. Anxiety occurs in so people.


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Kaygi underlying factors are the fear of birth. Usually in people with a genetic predisposition to susceptibility to anxiety and anxiety disorders are more frequent. In some cases, the primary cause of trauma in childhood sexual abuse and the technology is known as. At the same time, some people live in negativity, where his earlier births, low-status, the fear of birth and abortion cases of the person has it.

According to some research, women are a part of when I’m worried for the health of the baby to be born, to be concerned about due to pain experienced during the birth of a part. In addition, in some cases, a sense of insecurity occurs. Usually the doctor and a sense of insecurity felt across the hospital. Therefore, it consists of fear of childbirth.


Treatment Tokofobi

Tokofobi is a psychological disorder. For this reason, assistance from experts is required.Usually with the support of a psychologist, this condition can be easily circumvented. For this reason, people are required to contact a psychologist. Pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy mothers should receive support from psychologists at regular intervals.

tokofobi nedir - What Is Tokofobi ?


In this case, by applying the therapy to get rid of the negative thoughts, the person should be provided. Therapy as well as support by experts must be notified in person. Deletion of negative thoughts provides the correct information. In this way, the patient learns about each of related to pregnancy and birth conscious the right way, and don’t worry the state it leaves behind.



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